Developer Spotlight: Nathan Dench, ProcurePro

Spotlight Developer, Nathan Dench

Nathan Dench graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2014 and went straight into the startup scene. After gathering several years experience as a software engineer and team lead at an enterprise SaaS company, Nathan started his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding ProcurePro. With expertise in the Symfony and Aurelia frameworks, Nathan prides himself on building scalable, enterprise-ready software products by utilising a combination of type safety, test driven development and static analysis.

ProcurePro is a digital procurement platform that provides real-time visibility across the procurement process for a general contractor. After selecting and approving a subcontractor, Nathan's clients generate a subcontract agreement that's ready for signing. Nathan used the DocuSign eSignature REST API to bring the power and speed of eSignatures directly into his client's procurement process. By leveraging the Authorization Code Grant flow, construction companies can seamlessly integrate ProcurePro into their business processes by using their existing DocuSign account.

When he's not building Australia's next unicorn, Nathan enjoys playing bike polo, brewing beer and organizing the BrisPHP meetup group. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
Senior Programmer Writer