Developer Spotlight: Laura Busuioc, Alameda County IT Dept.

Laura Busuioc has been a Systems Analyst for the Alameda County Information Technology Department since 2013. Since receiving her Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Romania, she has spent over 20 years developing quality software, while enjoying the challenges of keeping up with the changes in the latest technologies.

Alameda County started the initiative of reducing paper usage in 2012, and selected DocuSign technology as the best candidate for providing electronic signature technology to the County. Laura started working on DocuSign projects shortly after she joined Alameda County. She developed a reusable library using Microsoft.NET that allowed her and other team members to work with DocuSign APIs, making it possible to quickly deliver projects on time.

Due to the large volume of DocuSign project requests, Laura guided the effort to develop reusable components and generic DocuSign Connect listeners that would help the team speed up the development of future projects. These components and generic listeners read configuration data from a SQL Server database, and the business logic executes actions based on the configuration.

Besides the passion for her work, Laura loves reading, skiing and hiking.

Tony Mann
Tony Mann
Director of Developer Content