Developer Spotlight: Jason Hardy, Wowza Media Systems

Jason Hardy is a Senior Salesforce Developer with Wowza Media Systems, a Colorado-based company providing professional-grade streaming solutions, including ClearCaster, a purpose-built, enterprise-grade appliance for broadcast-quality, reliable streaming on Facebook Live.

Thanks to his background in developing solutions on the Salesforce platform and supporting large-scale CRM projects, Jason automated the steps involved in lending ClearCaster appliances to various companies for testing and proofs of concept. Utilizing DocuSign for Salesforce, in addition to a custom-built Salesforce Apex REST wrapper for the eSignature REST API, the solution automated the creation of a DocuSign Envelope for the lending request from Salesforce data, and facilitated a DocuSign document into which the customer can input their shipping and legal details while agreeing to the terms and conditions of the loan. Upon completion, the data collected by DocuSign is sent back to Salesforce via DocuSign for Salesforce.

Jason's solution reduced the time required to process a lending request from an hour to about 5 minutes and enabled Wowza to quickly ramp up its ClearCaster evaluation program. It also paved the way for the automation of additional DocuSign processes within the company.

In addition to his day work with Wowza, Jason moonlights with Hardy Computer Solutions. You can learn more about him on Salesforce Trailhead.

Tony Mann
Tony Mann
Director of Developer Content