Developer Spotlight: David Grigsby, Grigsby Consulting

Spotlight Developer, David Grigsby

David Grigsby wrote his first program commercially on an Apple IIe while still in high school. Its success led to his starting his first computer consultancy, DNA Software Co., with his mentor, Robert F. McVicker, in his senior year. David has been a software developer ever since, with a long track record of software integrations to his credit. He is an alumnus of both Microsoft and Docusign and is now back at his forever office at Grigsby Consulting LLC.

David's history with Docusign began as an independent developer in 2009, when he created Docusign for Salesforce 2.0—the first Salesforce integration that could send a Docusign envelope directly from within Salesforce. This led to a position on the Docusign Integration Team in 2010, working under Mike Borozdin. In this role, David created the first Docusign Google integration and developed others for many applications including Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, and Alfresco. David then moved on to Docusign Professional Services, where he helped customers create their own integrations and build one-off solutions. This led eventually to David's creating the first Docusign University Developer 101 and 201 courses.

David continues today as a Docusign Partner, creating integrations for Docusign customers in many industries worldwide involving fintech, cryptocurrency, sales automation, and other leading-edge technologies on platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. David also teaches and instructs developers as well as continuing to write books.

David has many passions involving the outdoors, art, and his family, most notably hiking, which was one of his primary reasons for departing Docusign in early 2016, hiking the Pacific Coast Trail (see David's blog). David enjoys talking and collaborating with developers and can be reached at LinkedIn, GitHub, or at his Grigsby Consulting contact page for a Virtual Coffee or Tea (VCT).

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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