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DocuSign + Google

Add seamless signing
straight from G Suite

Powerful pre-built integrations give you a fast and easy way to electronically sign documents, send documents out for signature requests, and take critical actions from within the G Suite apps you already use.

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Streamline your workflow

Grow your business with the only eSignature solution recommended for G Suite.
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Deliver an intuitive user experience and simple setup—for convenience people will love.
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eSignature solutions for G Suite

A screenshot of the Drive interface showing “Open with DocuSign” as an option for a particular file.

DocuSign for Drive

You can now sign and send documents for other signatures from the same place you create, edit, share, and store files. Increase security, privacy and productivity with the integrated workflow of DocuSign for Drive.

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DocuSign for Gmail

Sign and send documents for eSignature directly from Gmail. ​Access agreements directly from Gmail by simply using the DocuSign G Suite “open with” add-on to quickly sign agreements from Gmail. Open any attachments and click the DocuSign Add-On icon to seamlessly send and sign documents from Gmail.

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The Google Docs interface showing an option for “Sign with DocuSign” underneath the Add-Ons dropdown.

DocuSign for Docs

Edit a document and send it for signing without ever leaving Docs. Once a document has been completed, simply select which Drive folder to save it to. We've partnered with LegalZoom to bring you a standardized, DocuSign-enabled mutual NDA template to help get you started.

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A Google Chrome window showing an icon in the toolbar for DocuSign with statuses on various documents out for signature.

DocuSign Chrome Extension

DocuSign's Chrome Extension enables you to sign, send, and manage documents directly from your Chrome browser. Once you’ve installed the app, you will have instant access to DocuSign from your favorite apps such as Gmail and Dropbox.

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The DocuSign eSignature home screen on an Android device, which says 27 documents need the users signature, and 7 are waiting on others.

DocuSign Mobile for Android

Send from the road, sign on the plane, manage from your couch. DocuSign from any device. With the DocuSign mobile app, you can sign, send, and manage your critical documents from anywhere at any time.

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As a realtor, I review and sign a lot of documents every day. Using DocuSign for Google has been a seamless experience. Rather than saving documents, uploading, signing and then bringing it back to send, I can do it all from Gmail. The migration is simple and everything is automatically sent back to clients. I save 5-10 minutes on every transaction and I can’t say enough about how easy it is to use.
Chris Lopez

Owner and Broker

DocuSign for Google FAQ

Can I use the Google Apps with my existing DocuSign account?

Yes, install the app and log in with the same username and password you use when logging in from the web. All your documents and activities will sync across all your devices into one centralized DocuSign account.

Do I have to have a DocuSign account to use the DocuSign Google apps?

To get started, download/install any of the Google Apps and create a free DocuSign account directly within the app. Signing is always free and you are able to send three (3) free signature requests with your free account. Install the apps today!

  • DocuSign for Google Drive (works with Gmail and Drive)
  • DocuSign Mobile App
  • DocuSign Chrome Extension (works with the Chrome web browser)

I don’t know what my username and password is.

You can access your DocuSign account directly from Gmail, Drive, Chrome, the mobile app, or by logging in at If you created your account via the Google app, you must log in using Google Connect across the different applications.

Is there a different app for Gmail vs. Google Drive?

DocuSign for Google Drive works with both Gmail and Google Drive. Install the app once and use DocuSign directly from Gmail and Drive.

  • To open in Gmail - click the attachment in your email, click the "Open with" button, and select "DocuSign." If you don’t see DocuSign, go to "Connect More Apps."
  • To open in Google Drive - Access any document in Drive by right-clicking the document, select "Open With," and select "DocuSign."

Ready to get started with DocuSign for Google?