5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Work at Docusign

#1. We rank as a top best place to work.

For six years in a row, Docusign has been recognized as a Top 50 Best Place to Work on Glassdoor, a leading career platform that provides insights into the working culture of thousands of companies in more than 190 countries. This year, we were ranked the 27th best large company and 14th best technology company in the US on the Glassdoor Employees' Choice Awards list. Current and former employees can anonymously rate companies they have worked at on this platform.  

At Docusign, we are proud of these votes of confidence by our employees that reaffirms our commitment to creating a work environment where employees can do the work of their life. 

Don’t listen to us. Read what our employees have to say about working at Docusign: 

"Diversity, communication, good salary, open ears, exciting work environment, collaboration with the best minds in the world, great work-life balance, excellent urgency management."

Employee review on Glassdoor

#2. Our leadership puts employees first.

The goals, visions and perspectives of senior leaders are instrumental in shaping  a company's culture. Our CEO, Dan Springer, has 30 years of leadership experience in the SaaS industry, driving innovation and growth. He is passionate about ensuring that " all Docusign employees look back on their time here and say they did work of their life with us” based on what makes them most satisfied. That could be building a new product, building a team, balancing your work and family life or making a positive impact on the environment. Many Docusign employees speak of the company’s sustainability initiatives, like Docusign for Forests, as key reasons they are proud to work at the company. And each employee gets 3 days off each year to volunteer their time to the causes important to them. Other employees take advantage of the company’s Education Assistance program and mentorship programs to continue to learn and grow their skills sets to further their careers. It’s an exciting time to join our team. 

“The company is performing really well and is rapidly growing. Plus, the executives have demonstrated a level of commitment to social and environmental responsibility, diversity and inclusion that is unparalleled at any of the major brands that I've worked for--and they back that up by putting resources against it, making strategic investments, and tracking their impact to hold themselves accountable.”

Employee review on Glassdoor

#3. Belonging matters here. 

At Docusign, we put the diversity, inclusion and belonging of our employees first. We believe that each of us has a responsibility to be fair and treat everyone equally. Ultimately, we want to create a company culture where everyone feels accepted and valued. 

And this begins in the boardroom where our chair is a woman and through our leadership team, our recruiting efforts and our development programs so that we instill a sense of appreciation and respect for people from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences. Every employee, for example, must complete our  "Understanding Bias and Demonstrating Allyship" session that gives managers and employees a basic understanding of what bias is and how it undermines diversity and inclusion, decision-making and collaboration and ultimately innovation. We also publish our diversity metrics on our public website and support a range of Employee Resource Groups, including Docusign Women and Pride, to promote understanding and inclusion at our company.

By focusing on building diverse, inclusive teams at all levels and in all departments, we are creating an environment where everyone can do the work of their lives and contribute to our success. 

“The company is innovative and has a distinct culture where people are authentic and genuinely care. Docusign has done an incredible job in creating an inclusive culture and creating opportunities to have dynamic keynote speakers!”

Employee review on Glassdoor

#4. We are finding better, more flexible ways to work.

Virtual communication is now a given. Our employees are seeking self-service, consumer-grade experiences that can be accessed from anywhere. These conveniences are no longer optional when designing a hybrid work environment that can scale. And, at Docusign, we believe employees can do great work wherever they are and appreciate having more flexibility so they can balance their professional and personal needs. Right now, in 2022, we are working remotely (unless we choose to go into the office). However, when we return to our regular working situation, over 95% of our roles will be either fully remote or enable employees to work at least 50% of the time outside of the office. To support our employees’ success and team collaboration, Docusign has put technologies in place that allow our employees to collaborate in the applications they’re already using to simplify everyday work and increase efficiency. Virtual happy hours and team events strengthen cohesion between teams and build community.

"The interaction and cooperation amongst the group are excellent. The company's internal guidelines for fair dealings with each other are taken very seriously.

Employee review on Glassdoor

#5. We are committed to sustainability and saving the world’s forests.

Docusign is committed to saving the world's forests and enabling customers globally to achieve their sustainability goals. Since 2003, Docusign and its customers have saved 55 billion sheets of paper, 6 million trees, and 5.9 billion gallons of water and 4.7 billion pounds of CO2. We have donated over $2.5M to forest-focused organizations and have publicly stated that we aim to become carbon neutral by 2022. This mission is inspiring to our employees who can donate their time to volunteering for environmental and other causes, who have their charitable contributions matched up to $5000 by the Docusign IMPACT Foundation and more. 

"Docusign is a fantastic place to work. We hire great talent, and it shows when I work with my colleagues. Docusign values its employees and works hard to create a supportive and enriching environment - including for employees who work from home. The different teams work closely together."

Employee review on Glassdoor

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