Collaborate and Move Your Agreements Forward with Docusign CLM and Slack

So much of the time, effort and collaboration leading to a signature on an agreement is done well in advance. While you can already send, sign and collaborate on agreements with Docusign eSignature for Slack, much of the work required to get to a signature takes place across multiple, disparate systems, for internal and external stakeholders alike.

In today’s hybrid work environment, it’s critical to be able to do business as quickly and as efficiently as possible, streamlining where possible and minimizing the number of apps and tools that stakeholders need to navigate to get deals done. With Docusign’s Salesforce integrations, Sales teams have been able to transform the quote to cash process – accelerate speed to revenue and growth by automating the generation, negotiation and signing of contracts across the sales and renewal process.

But when you need to ensure your Sales, Finance, and Legal teams are more productive than ever and working together towards landing signatures for a new deal, where better to collaborate, consult and negotiate agreements than in your digital HQ?

That’s where the newly launched Docusign CLM for Slack app can help. With the CLM for Slack integration, you can navigate the full agreement processes – like redlining, reviews and approvals –  with Docusign’s leading CLM solution all from within Slack, and with colleagues and customers alike. No more checking emails for approvals or switching to different systems for status updates. You can stay in the loop and move agreements forward efficiently right where your work is already happening. The CLM integration allows Slack users to:

  • Receive task assignments: Notify users in Slack of stakeholders’ roles in moving the agreement forward and provide suggested actions
  • Take actions on assignments: Move agreements forward with the ability to complete tasks, approve edits, or make changes directly in Slack
  • Add feedback and resolve comments: Provide additional context or resolve comments directly from Slack
  • Review drafts: With a single click, users jump into the agreement to review drafts, revision history and more  
  • Sign agreements: Integrated with the World’s #1 way to sign, users can leverage eSignature to sign agreements quickly

With integrated, accelerated and simplified contract processes in Salesforce and Slack, Docusign customers can prepare contracts, quotes, and invoices, track and enforce contract terms, and manage the entire contract lifecycle management (CLM) process seamlessly across Docusign, Salesforce and Slack platforms.

Check out this video to see how customers can leverage collaboration tools with CLM and Slack to move their agreement forward faster.

To get started, simply install the new Docusign CLM for Slack app and enable Slack within CLM. To learn more, register for our session to Close Deals Faster with Docusign, Slack, and the AppExchange at Dreamforce.