Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a fascination with big construction machinery. The massive steel monsters that can push around tons of earth, the high-rising cranes that spring up around sites, you get the idea.

This childhood fascination and thrill was rekindled a bit when I started learning about how builders and contractors are using DocuSign to fire up those cool construction contraptions, big and small, faster and with significant cost and time savings. In our own way, we are helping drive excavators, drills, graders, backhoes, cranes, and the like. Look at some of these examples:

• Tri-North Builders eliminated paper contracts and reduced approval time from 2-3 weeks to just 1-2 days.
• Lennar created totally customizable workflows for meet regs in all 50 states.
• Arbor Builders keeps its multiple spec jobs running on schedule by digitizing all documents for subcontractors and vendors.

Those just scrape the surface of the benefits eSignatures can bring about for construction and building companies. Plus users can sign on mobile devices on the jobsite even when offline.

Check out the special web page we’ve put together with more DocuSign for Construction information.

Ok, I think I’m ready to try out that tracked excavator. Where’s my hardhat?