One of the most exciting things about working at DocuSign is that we make a solution that can be applied everywhere—both in terms of business and industries, as well as literally signing a document everywhere because it’s a cloud-based solution. An excellent example of that is box, who is both a partner and a customer of DocuSign.

By facilitating simple, secure sharing and collaboration from anywhere, box has grown to 11 million users, from individuals to small businesses to the Fortune 500. Box implemented DocuSign as part of its Salesforce-powered sales process, resulting in significant time savings and customer satisfaction—all with a scalable solution.

The results included:

  • Improved efficiency of the contract execution and submission process across the sales organization.
  • Automated workflow and business processes across multiple departments by integrating with
  • Experienced productivity from anywhere, keeping content centralized on box while extending electronic signature capabilities.

Box is using DocuSign to provide customers with an easy way to execute an agreement, which often requires numerous signatures and/or sequential signing. Every application box uses across the organization has to represent box in a highly professional manner, and offer the simplicity that their customers expect. DocuSign ensures they meet and exceed that expectation with an easy, fast, and secure way to get a signature directly from box. Read more about box and its success with DocuSign!