The NFL Experience has touched down in San Francisco and we’re expecting the football fandom any moment near our SF Headquarters. And while business will likely be the last thing on your mind come Sunday the 7th, (we don’t blame you) there are still ways DocuSign can help make your life easier–whether you’re a Broncos or Panthers fan.

Are your friends certain their team will take the title? Get it in writing.

Does Chase want you to put your money where your mouth is? Are you a die-hard fan looking to sweeten your team’s (inevitable) victory with some extra cash? Just feel like making things a little more…interesting? DocuSign isn’t just for the office (or the car, or the plane…) It’s also an excellent way to lock down a Big Game 50 bet from your couch. Or stadium seat. Good luck!

Last-minute work to finish? DocuSign and done — so you don’t have to miss the fun commercials or the halftime show.

Ah, the not-quite-finished Friday projects…they seem to pop up at the most opportune moments, do they not? If you do happen to have any lingering contracts or other work, tie up loose ends quickly and easily with DocuSign so you can get back to life’s real decisions: Wings or pizza. (Our preference: Both.)

At the game? Don’t let the unthinkable happen.

Ever missed out on an autograph from your favorite actor, musician, or sports player because you didn’t have a pen? Don’t let it happen now. Should you find yourself with the opportunity to snag a John Hancock from your favorite player or broadcaster, DocuSign acts as a stellar backup plan for those who find themselves without a writing device.

Have your friends initial a checklist of what to bring for your viewing party. 

Did you know the average American consumes 2400 calories during the big game? That roughly equates to:

  • 10 slices of cheese pizza


  • 24 chicken wings


  • 4 cans of budweiser + 3 in-n-out burgers and a milkshake.

While we do not condone consuming this amount of food (or alcohol) we DO encourage creating a list, via DocuSign, of who will bring what to your  soiree.

Signing insurance papers

Because the screwball sitting behind you is a fan of the opposite team.

On that note, we’d like to wish you all a safe, joyful, and lively Big Game Sunday!