It’s not often one gets to break out the dry erase markers, crack open the comic books, and carefully research superheroes at work — but we were lucky enough to do just that several weeks ago during the brainstorm session for our quiz, “Which DocuSign Digital Hero Are You?”

Living in the digital age means there are ample opportunities for anyone and everyone to save the day (or week, or year) by leveraging digital technology and solidifying their hero status in the process.

What’s not as certain, however, is what kind of digital hero each person is most likely to become. After all — Batman and Spiderman are both superheroes, but are their differences not quite stark?

So too are the differences from one Digital Hero to the next. Perhaps you are fueled by the desire to gain as much knowledge as possible. Or, perhaps, you are fueled more by the desire to help others. Or, perhaps, you are simply fueled by doing what’s best for the planet.

As a source of inspiration, we decided to draw from existing archetypes to help inform our DocuSign Digital Hero types. From the Cyber Ace to the Strategic Superstar to The Bulk (Send) all our Digital Heroes were influenced by superheroes we all know and love.

After holing up in a conference room and scribbling our thoughts out on the whiteboard, we had our list. (And like any comprehensive list of fantastical characters, it wouldn’t be complete without a few villains.)

Which DocuSign Digital Hero (or Villain) you are? Take the quiz to find out.