There are Digital Heroes all around us. They are in cubicles and boardrooms, loading docks and data centers. These folks from all levels in the business take a chance on an idea of how to do something better through digitization and automation. They champion their brainstorm for amazing results. Sounds pretty good, right?

So, what does it take for someone to put on your own Digital Hero cape? It’s a mix of who and how.

WHO: Let’s start with the who; the basic hero attributes. Psychologists Scott Allison and George Goethals do a lot of research about heroes, and they came up with The Great Eight Traits. Heroes are smart, strong, caring, reliable, resilient, selfless, charismatic, and inspiring. Not all heroes have all eight, but most heroes have more than half of them.

With all due respect to Allison and Geothals, let’s add visionary to this list. Digital Heroes look at a transaction or process and see the potential for a digital win. A win that pays off. And by paying off I mean the things I mentioned in my previous Digital Hero blog about profitability, revenue, and market valuation.

HOW: For the how, Digital Heroes take a couple of approaches. These brave souls are quick to recognize the potential of technology. They think to themselves, “What if we could use X to solve Y?”  And most often the “X” is an online tool that goes against the way things have “always been done.”

Moving all review and approval processes over to DocuSign is a perfect example. Sure, paper may be working OK, but these Digital Heroes insist things can be so much better. Approvals can be accomplished in minutes rather than hours, costs can be lowered by cutting resource and manpower needs. You get the idea.

Consider these making super-powerful ways you could completely alter your job: 

  • You can replace paper in a specific transaction like processing sales orders or signing contracts.
  • Business processes. You can simplify clunky workflows and get information flowing automatically from end to end.
  • Business transformation. You can even run your entire business digitally, with the goal of improving how you satisfy customer needs.

DocuSign Digital Hero customers are accomplishing great things at all of these levels. And DocuSign is honoring them by publicizing their successes. Keep an eye out over the next few months for their stories.

We’re just getting started. Visit the Digital Hero Introduction Page to find out more. 

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