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Announcing the DocuSign Customer Support Center!

When DocuSign set out to re-engineer the way we provide support, one of the key tenets we focused on was making it easier for you to get the information you needed, when and how you wanted it. Making it easy. Sometimes that’s easier said than done (especially in the B2B world) but in this case, I think the team is onto something. No, we didn’t go out and buy a bunch of “EASY” buttons for all of you. But we did focus on building three benefits into our new Customer Support Center that we think will greatly improve your experience.

Increased visibility for you

When it comes to visibility, we wanted to make sure that those of you using DocuSign to get your work done could easily see what was happening with the DocuSign service that might have an impact on you. We are pleased to be rolling out two new tools that will go a long way to putting critical information in your hands.

Trust center

DocuSign Trust Center – we re-designed our Trust Center and made it easily accessible within the Support Center. The new Trust Center now provides critical information such as certification and personal safeguard information right on the main page. In addition to providing real-time system status, we also publish historical data on system uptime. And all this info is in one location!

DocuSign Case Management Tool – we now provide you a new tool that allows you to open cases, see the status of open cases and manage your case history, all in one place! We’ve also simplified the case opening process, incorporating predictive search and linking you to information relevant to your issue automatically.

Find what you need – fast!


Our new search function is the engine that powers much of our simplified experience. It provides predictive search right in the search bar and groups responses by type (ie., video, community forum, FAQ, etc.) Content is sorted by most used topics and the engine makes recommendations on topics related to your original search. We also include user voting for article relevance, ensuring that our content is highly usable and improving search results over time.

Knowledge to make you smarter


We’ve re-designed our community forums and integrated them with the support center, making it easier to get involved in relevant conversations. We now have community leader recognition, and provide details on how many people are online. We are also integrating content from DocuSign University and the new Knowledge Market into the Support Center, providing you with central access to all our relevant content on the product, adoption best practices and top articles curated by DocuSign experts.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself how helpful the new Customer Support Center is and how it makes your DocuSigning experience even easier!


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