7 Ways Embedded eSignature Helps ISVs Innovate in Healthcare and Life Sciences

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare and life sciences (HLS), the urgency to innovate and provide secure, efficient technological solutions is at an all-time high. Independent software vendors (ISVs) are pivotal in this transformation, offering tools and applications that not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly improve patient care. A strategic approach to achieving these goals is through the integration of advanced digital solutions, such as ISV embedded solutions that include Docusign eSignature. Here are seven ways your HLS team can benefit from embedded eSignature.

Addressing modern HLS challenges with advanced technology

Today’s HLS sector faces numerous challenges: clinician burnout, staffing shortages and a shift toward value-based care. The American Medical Association forecasts a physician shortage of 37,800 to 124,000 by 2034. Moreover, 87% of physicians report administrative tasks as a major stressor.

To solve these problems, the role of efficient technology solutions like Docusign becomes vital.

Streamlining workflows with embedded eSignature for ISVs

Docusign's embedded solutions for ISVs revolutionize HLS software development. By embedding electronic signature functionalities into existing applications, it streamlines workflows, reduces manual document handling and reduces administrative time significantly. For example, EngagedMD, serving fertility clinics, has cut patient consent appointment times by up to 2 hours with Docusign integration. Asheville Ear Nose & Throat reported an 87% decrease in patient intake time after implementation.

Enhancing user experience and compliance

In the compliance-heavy HLS world, Docusign eSignature stands out. It simplifies compliance with standards like HIPAA and 21 CFR part 11, ensuring data integrity and building user trust. Its tamper-proof audit trail guarantees that healthcare workflows comply with regulatory requirements efficiently.

Bridging the digital divide in healthcare

Docusign’s mobile-friendly design helps address healthcare accessibility, especially since 27% of adults in lower-income households rely solely on smartphones for internet access. This feature makes healthcare services more accessible, particularly for underserved communities.

Going beyond software enhancement

For ISVs, partnering with Docusign offers benefits that extend beyond software improvement. It opens avenues for revenue generation and product differentiation in a competitive market. This partnership has been embraced by top Fortune 500 healthcare and technology organizations, demonstrating widespread acceptance and trust.

Customizing for HLS needs

Docusign’s customizable solutions cater specifically to the HLS sector’s needs. This flexibility is invaluable for IT professionals and software developers, ensuring that the solution aligns with the evolving demands of HLS organizations.

Taking a step toward a more efficient, secure HLS sector

For ISVs, partnering with Docusign is not just about adopting a digital tool; it's a strategic move toward redefining health and science operations. By enabling ISVs to streamline workflows, bolster security and improve accessibility, Docusign is shaping the future of healthcare and life science innovation. This partnership signifies a move toward more efficient, secure and inclusive HLS ecosystems, ultimately leading to superior patient care and groundbreaking research outcomes.

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