EngagedMD Improves Fertility Patient Experiences With Docusign

Fertility treatment is an expensive, complex and lengthy process. And, for patients trying to start a family, it’s an emotional time. These factors—combined with the legal risks that come with poorly managed consent processes—make the stakes for fertility clinics particularly high.

EngagedMD was founded seven years ago to equip fertility clinics with a platform where patients can learn about treatments, review documents, and provide consent. The organization developed a custom e-learning platform to provide patients with informational resources, but needed to add an electronic consent and remote verification component. By integrating Docusign’s eSignature and ID Verification solutions, EngagedMD rounded out its best-in-class platform offering. 

Before eSignature, patients and clinics were navigating dozens of paper documents—often 20 to 30 pages long—before treatment began. Patients and their partners had to come into the office to sign them. Clinics also wasted time scanning, verifying and filing ID documents to support consent forms.

Graphic - 2 hours saved per patient

With Docusign’s eSignature, EngagedMD successfully digitized consent, giving patients the option to review and sign documents on their own devices. As clinics became comfortable using eSignature, EngagedMD also integrated ID Verification, enabling providers to verify patients’ identities digitally as well. 

With these Docusign solutions, EngagedMD helped their clinics save 1.5 to 2 hours per patient on consent appointments.  Providers now have more time available for treatment appointments, which helps them grow clinic revenue and provide access to more patients. Most importantly, digitizing the consent process improves the patient experience.

As Jeff Issner, co-founder and CEO of EngagedMD explained: “Patient-centered care is the future. Our goal is to enable fertility patients to make their own decisions on their own time and take control of their care. EngagedMD is well positioned in that.” 

Find out how the company used Docusign eSignature and IDV to successfully improve patient experience and clinic efficiency.