There are psychological reasons we’re drawn to Black Friday. Arguably the most potent? The fear of missing out.

Every year, retailers dangle dramatic discounts in front of us, and in a culture where we’re constantly looking to get the new, shiny, must-have item– it can seem counterintuitive to turn away from the Next Best Thing at the Even Better Price.

But, as we all know, 70% off is still 30% on. Not to mention, we’ve all experienced the same phenomenon: The New Shiny Thing often loses its luster within days.

One thing that never loses its luster and often comes at a much better price? The natural beauty of the outdoors. The simple experience of playing catch with a loved one, of hiking through the meandering trails of a park, or of staring up at a black, starlit sky is not just free, it’s invaluable.

This year DocuSign is challenging both our customers and our employees to skip the round-the-block lines and the 5AM wakeup calls which — although tempting — at best thin our wallets and at worst overshadow our Thanksgiving dinners.

Below are the 5 ways DocuSign can help you save time and spend more of it outside:

DocuSign + Workato 

DocuSign and Workato

DocuSign has numerous integrations. Need to build a workflow that uses multiple apps partnered with DocuSign? By combining DocuSign and Workato, you can automate the workflow across numerous apps. This allows you to close the deal and follow up in a single action. Learn more about how to save unprecedented amounts of time with Workato here.

Alternate outdoor activity: With all the time you save by automating your workflow, why not take a walk through your local park on Black Friday?

DocuSign + Google Chrome

DocuSign for Google Chrome

Did you know with the DocuSign for Google Chrome extension you can manage documents directly from Gmail? Simply open up the document, sign, and voila — you’re done. To learn more about DocuSign for Google Chrome watch this short video.

Alternate outdoor activity: If you live in a snowy area, use the time you get back with the DocuSign for Google Chrome extension to perfect your sledding skills.

DocuSign for Mobile

DocuSign for Mobile

Just can’t wriggle out of some paperwork that’s seeped into the long weekend? Have your cake and eat it too by using DocuSign for Mobile. The app lets you sign and manage documents anytime, anywhere. Which means? On Black Friday you can DocuSign and Go…


Jump in the leaves

Play a game of football with family and friends

Build a snowman

Take a hike

Take the dog for a walk

And the possibilities continue.

This Black Friday we encourage everyone to do away with long lines and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, the company of your friends and family, and the feeling of having a work-free weekend instead.

To learn more about how DocuSign can give you more free time this holiday season, click here.