Digital and Mobile technology has my back. Two years ago I interviewed for a new position via Skype in my San Francisco apartment.  I received and reviewed my employment contract via my email on my smartphone while in a hospital in Arizona. I reviewed my offer on my Android tablet while boarding a flight out of the Philadelphia airport. I accepted my offer on my iPad while sitting on a beach in Thailand. I completed all of my tasks and activities through a mobile device and performed them outside of my standard office.  

As you can tell, I’m never in the same place. It’s not that I can’t sit still, the truth is that I’m making the most of our digital and flexible work culture. Naturally, mobile and digital tools are a tad essential!

When it came down to it, I traveled 30 of 65 during last quarter: We’re a flash-quick economy and that in itself is reason to ‘mobile yourself up’ to the hilt. During this time my office wasn't just in Seattle, it was everywhere I went with my smartphone and tablet. We continue to realize that application and device mobility unlocks huge gains in productivity. What applications are you unable to work without? 

While traveling I am able to engage with clients through my smartphone and a host of other applications. I update my accounts and opportunities with Salesforce1. I am securely logged into all of my applications with biometric and pin codes through a single-sign on application (SSO). My contracts and proposals are sent through DocuSign’s mobile app. As you can tell, it’s mobile all the way and beyond. If you’ve ever spent time in a busy metropolitan area you know there is a great deal of time lost in travel to and from places and appointments. Having to stop, sit down, and connect to a local drive is a pain – and completely unnecessary with the mobile tools that we have at our disposal. When was the last time you had to sit down at a desk to complete a task?  

The future of business is mobile. Our teams, clients, and products are all mobile. As we look to the future of business and our mobile capabilities, having tools and applications that support our on-the-go and mobile lifestyles are imperative in order to get business done and keep your competitive edge. When was the last time you had to find a fax machine? How was that experience?   

Mobile is not an option. It’s a business requirement. It's a competitive edge. If you're not mobile, you're stagnant.    

As proof that we are a mobile first company in a mobile world – I’ve been approved to offer 25% off to any contract signed for DocuSign Enterprise when executed on a mobile device in-person. Stop by and say hello at our Signature City Tour in Dallas – or email/tweet me! 

See you in Dallas! 

Dave Hinshaw

Twitter: @dave_hinshaw