TIP:Get Tips and Resources to Prevent and Combat Online Fraud

DocuSign uses the latest innovations and industry knowledge to keep our customers safe, but it takes awareness and dedication from everyone involved to reach maximum security. Read about our top pointers to help you stay safe online:

  • Create complex, unique passwords and keep them secure: don’t write down or share passwords—and be extra careful when using public or shared computers.
  • Take IT precautions to protect against spam: keep your anti-virus software up-to-date; provide trainings on phishing and fraudulent activities, etc.  
  • Be on the lookout for fraudulent emails and unsafe websites: proceed with caution when accessing unfamiliar emails and websites. Unrecognizable links, bad grammar and misspellings, and fake greetings can all be red flags that indicate a phishing email. For website safety, make sure “https” is in your browser address bar if you’re entering any personal information.

Remember: online safety starts with you. You’re the first and best line of defense in fighting online fraud. Learning how to identify and steer clear of phishing scams, social engineering attempts, and other types of online fraud is the best way to protect yourself and your information.

Visit our Security Resources page for more safety essentials, including our Combating Phishing white paper, to help keep you and the greater online community safe.