• 99%

    Reduction in templates, from 400 to 3
  • ~3k

    Documents flow through DocuSign every month
  • Faster sales cycle

Nine out of ten employers run background checks, but the traditional way it’s done is slow, limited and designed to screen out candidates. Checkr set out to make the process more efficient, and more importantly, more human. “In the past, background checks worked on a pass/fail basis,” said Head of Revenue Systems Travis Lee. “Our software allows for more flexibility, so companies have a much broader talent pool to tap into.” 

Today, Checkr’s technology helps some of the world’s largest gig economy companies, including Uber, Angi, DoorDash and Lyft, quickly and safely scale their workforce. As Checkr expands its own global footprint and go-to market strategy, the company is laser-focused on optimizing its sales process. 

Docusign Gen for Salesforce takes the friction out of creating agreements and order forms, so Checkr’s sales, customer success and expansion teams can spend less time on manual work and more time growing the business.

Speeding up deal cycles with easily configurable agreements

Checkr’s Docusign journey began nearly five years ago with eSignature. “We chose Docusign because it’s the industry leader, and no other solutions on the market integrate well with Salesforce.” 

Checkr was a long-time user of Salesforce CPQ but needed a solution that was more scalable when it came to the document-generation phase of its agreement process. Making the move to Docusign Gen for Salesforce came with many advantages, including:

  1. A far better user experience, with guided document creation
  2. Full integration with both Salesforce and Docusign eSignature
  3. Streamlined administration and support 
  4. Dynamic tables for quotes and order forms
  5. Conditional content for different scenarios

“One major benefit of Docusign Gen is being able to use conditional logic in a single template,” said Lee. Now, users can dynamically populate agreements with the right legal clauses—in the right order—based on a number of different factors, including deal size and specific product combinations. Done manually, this was incredibly time consuming for both sales teams and the legal department. Onboarding new staff was another big challenge. 

With Docusign Gen, we were able to consolidate 400 templates down to three, which has made everything faster and more manageable.
Travis Lee
Head of Revenue Systems

Lightening the load for admins

Up to 3,000 documents flow through Docusign Gen every month—from new sales to renewals and upsells. “Our Gen templates are formatted differently and include different things based on who is sending what,” said Lee. Employees can generate MSAs, sales orders and add-on order forms directly from CPQ with a single click—with Salesforce data pulled into the appropriate fields. Docusign eSignature for Salesforce takes over from there, orchestrating the review workflow between the customer, Checkr’s credentialing team (to confirm new customers have a permissible purpose to run background checks) and the director of rev ops. 

“The fact that we can capture all of the information in one spot, get the signatures we need and send it back to Salesforce in one fell swoop with Docusign is great,” said Lee. Having a single, dynamic template for each use case makes things easier on the administrative side, too. “We’re able to flex a lot faster when it comes to making changes to agreements, which is important since the world and the business are changing quickly.” 

As Checkr brings Docusign to other areas of the business—including HR—Docusign Admin Tools simplify management while giving admins the flexibility to tailor access and partition accounts to keep sensitive documents private and secure.

“Any time anyone has an agreement to send out, we use Docusign,” said Lee. On its path to IPO, Checkr is focused on streamlining the deal-closing process for continued growth—from opportunity to execution. “With that comes the opportunity to further customize our templates and agreements.”