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AI Innovation Principles

Since our inception in 2003, Docusign has been working to accelerate business and simplify life for companies and people around the world. eSignature was our first step in helping businesses and individuals automate how they manage agreements and redefine how the world comes together to agree. Since then, we’ve expanded our capabilities to help people create smarter, easier and trusted agreements. This mission is driven by a culture of continuous innovation based on values that foster responsible use of technology.

Trust is at the core of our business and woven into everything we do. Our customers trust Docusign’s secure products to manage the billions of mission-critical agreements they need to run their business every day. We value the trust placed in us and we will continue to prioritize privacy, security, data protection and risk management in our approach to AI. We are committed to taking this further and will operate with integrity and empathy to develop solutions that drive value for our customers and our world.

As Docusign empowers our customers and users with new AI-powered services, we will continue to develop our technology based on principled AI innovation. Our AI Innovation Principles below outline the values that guide our approach to building services and using tools powered by this emerging technology.

With a commitment to trust, accuracy, transparency, fairness and value creation, we believe that the benefits of AI technology should be accessible to everyone.

Allan Thygesen
CEO, Docusign

AI innovation principles

  • Build for trust

    Trust is the foundation of our work and we commit to implementing robust security measures and prioritizing privacy and data protection. We commit to designing and building AI-powered technology in adherence to our stringent privacy and security standards.

  • Be transparent

    We will provide clear, easy-to-understand information about the capabilities and limitations of our AI-powered technologies and ensure our customers, end-users, and partners understand how our AI-powered technology works.

  • Benefit people

    We will operate with integrity and create technology that empowers people and benefits society. We believe human oversight of AI technology and using guardrails to manage risk are fundamental to our mission.

  • Promote fairness

    We are dedicated to promoting fairness and approaching our AI development and deployment activities ethically. We will conduct regular assessments of our AI algorithms and models to identify bias, identify vulnerabilities or inconsistencies in data sets, and make continuous improvements to mitigate bias.

  • Design for accuracy and safety

    We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our customers and users. We will develop technology using the best industry practices to promote reliability and safety, with high quality standards.

  • Deliver value

    We aim to create value for customers and end-users through our technology. We will responsibly integrate AI-enabled features in ways that enhance productivity, efficiency and value to society.

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