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Work smarter with Docusign’s free electronic signature app

Get more done on the go with our top-rated eSignature app for smartphones and tablets.

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Get more done on the go with our top-rated eSignature app for individuals, professionals, enterprises and developers.

Download the free Docusign app

Upload and sign documents yourself, send instant reminders and stay up to date on all your agreements with the free Docusign mobile app.

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Send and sign agreements faster with the Docusign’s free mobile app

  • Streamline processes

    Scan and sign documents with your device’s camera or upload and sign documents directly from your email.

  • Stay informed

    Stay up to date on the status of your documents with real-time push notifications.

  • Keep things moving

    Send a reminder to the next signer in the agreement workflow.

See Docusign’s mobile app in action

The Docusign app is easy to use, includes unlimited free signing for all parties, and is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

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A user draws a signature and signs an agreement on their phone with the DocuSign mobile app

Sign with ease

The majority of signers prefer to do business with companies that use Docusign eSignature. 

Sign all your important agreements anywhere, at any time. Create your e-signature using the tip of your finger, or choose from the pre-created signatures to add your stamp of approval.

A dashboard in the DocuSign eSignature app shows an agreement that a user needs to sign and return flagged as “needs to sign”

Sign and return contracts

Need to sign an email attachment or permission form? Import the email attachment into the Docusign eSignature app to sign it yourself, or take a picture of a permission slip to sign. 

Once signed, easily share a copy of the completed agreement with anyone—right from the eSignature mobile app.

A document shown in the DocuSign eSignature app has auto-tagged fields for the signer’s name, date, address, signature and more.

Collect signatures with auto-tagging

Collect signatures on all your agreements from your mobile device. On mobile, we’ll auto-place any required fields directly onto the document, eliminating the need to manually tag agreements.

A screen in the DocuSign mobile app shows that the status of an agreement is “waiting for others” and gives the option to remind the signer.

Manage agreements

Stay up to date on all your agreements while away from your desk. Check the status of all your agreements on the mobile app by seeing who needs to sign next. Send instant reminders with a simple tap to notify the next signer it’s their turn to complete the agreement.

Icon representing APIs on top of a document

Easily integrate Docusign into your app with our developer resources

Enable your users to complete contracts, open accounts, set up and confirm deliveries, and finish employment forms in minutes directly from your app. Integrating Docusign’s easy-to-use, secure capabilities into your apps with the Docusign Mobile SDK is fast and simple.

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Get the guide to signing a document on an iPhone or iPad with the Docusign eSignature mobile app.

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Mobile electronic signature app FAQs

  • Yes, download the Docusign Mobile app and log in with the same username and password used when logging in from the web. All your documents and activities will sync across all your devices into one centralized Docusign account.

  • No, the mobile app is not required for your customers to sign and return documents. However, downloading Docusign's online signature app offers additional features with a free account, including push notifications when a document is waiting for signature, centralized storage for all their completed documents, faster signing experiences and more.

  • Yes, you can download the mobile app and create a free Docusign account directly within the app to get started. Signing is always free and you can send three free signature requests with your free account.  Download the app today!

  • The mobile app is supported on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

  • Yes, the Docusign mobile eSignature app is free to download. Current customers can log in with the same email and password to access their account. New customers can sign up for a free account directly within the app.

  • Yes, you can access your subscription features across any device and platform. Simply log in to with your username and password created on the app to access all the same great features.

  • Docusign has a highly rated mobile app. You can sign, return and manage your agreements with the Docusign app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

    84% of signers are more likely to continue doing business with a company that uses Docusign.

Download the Docusign mobile application