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Intelligently analyze agreements with AI

DocuSign Intelligent Insights powered by Seal Software
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Understand what’s in your agreements

Intelligent Insights uses artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover blind spots, risk areas, and untapped opportunities hidden in agreements across your enterprise. It allows you to rapidly search large volumes of agreements by legal and business concepts (rather than just by keywords); automatically extract and compare critical clauses and terms side-by-side; quickly identify areas of risk and opportunity, and gain actionable insights that help solve legal and business challenges. It’s the intelligent way to analyze all your agreements.

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Search everywhere

Index and analyze all your agreements across multiple DocuSign eSignature accounts and non-DocuSign systems.
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Analyze with AI

Go from keywords to concepts with natural language processing and clause recognition.
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Visualize results

Put the "sight" in "insights" with standard and customizable data visualizations.

How does Intelligent Insights work?

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Frequently asked questions

Is Seal Software part of DocuSign?

DocuSign acquired Seal Software, a pioneer and leader in AI-driven contract analytics, in 2020. DocuSign has been selling Seal’s flagship product as DocuSign Intelligent Insights since 2018, and made a strategic investment in the company in 2019.

What are Insight Accelerators?

Insight Accelerators boost your analysis in Intelligent Insights by adding purpose-built AI models for specific topics:

  • Catastrophic Events (including pandemics)
  • Procurement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Data Privacy (GDPR, CCPA, data security)
  • LIBOR, QFCs & Credit Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Brexit

Can Intelligent Insights search both the metadata and the full text of DocuSign envelopes?

Yes, Intelligent Insights automatically indexes the metadata and full text of DocuSign envelopes, including custom fields and the Certificate of Completion.

How does Intelligent Insights handle documents that are images of text?

Intelligent Insights includes optical character recognition, a technology that "reads" the text from an image, making it indexable for search. So, if you want to index legacy agreements that are still on paper or are in image files, you can.

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