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Simplify complex forms
with step-by-step guidance

DocuSign Guided Forms powered by SmartIQ
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For complex forms, guide your signers to success

DocuSign Guided Forms provides a step-by-step, mobile-ready experience to help your signers easily complete long or complex forms. Signers are given questions that automatically adapt based on previous answers. When the questions are done, the system can use the answers to automatically generate the signer’s signature-ready agreement in DocuSign eSignature (sold separately). The result is a faster, friendlier experience for your signers, with fewer errors and less friction.

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Improved customer experience

Mobile-friendly forms adapt to device type, location, and signer preferences.
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Save time and reduce errors

Pre-fill forms with data from existing systems or documents.
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Simple to deploy

Set up and maintain Guided Forms without depending solely on IT teams, resulting in faster time to market.


Frequently asked questions

What does "powered by SmartIQ" mean?

Guided Forms is a product that DocuSign sells and supports. We offer it in partnership with SmartIQ, which developed and delivers the product. More than 200 of the world’s leading companies and government organizations trust SmartIQ to transform outdated, static forms and processes into intelligent, customer-centric experiences.

What results does this technology deliver?

  • Reduce time to complete new business applications by 60-75%
  • Reduce incomplete and Not In Good Order (NIGO) forms from 35% to less than 2%
  • Enable omnichannel customer self-service across mobile or web, saving call center or branch staffing costs
  • Reduce development time of new digital applications by more than 75%

When would I use DocuSign Guided Forms versus DocuSign CLM?

Guided Forms helps large organizations simplify a signer’s experience in providing information that will appear in an agreement. The most common use case is Business-to-Consumer self-service scenarios (e.g., applications and onboarding).

DocuSign CLM helps the sender (e.g., a sales rep) create an agreement, automatically populate it with information from other systems, collaborate/negotiate with other parties, and retain and search the completed agreement in a central repository. The most common use case is Business-to-Business sales scenarios. DocuSign CLM is also often used in Legal, Procurement, and HR.

In what languages is DocuSign Guided Forms currently available?

English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Spanish.

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