Pasona and DocuSign Japan Enter Collaborative Partnership

TOKYO and SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Pasona Inc. ("Pasona") and DocuSign Japan K.K. ("DocuSign Japan") announced a partnership to collaborate on bringing DocuSign's eSignature solution and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform to more enterprises across Japan to help them transform their businesses digitally. DocuSign helps make every decision, approval, workflow and signature fully digital, empowering users to sign, send and manage documents anytime, anywhere on any device with trust and confidence in a safe online environment.

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Currently in Japan, while the need for paper documents remains in some industries, many companies are digitizing business processes. The move follows organizations in the US across industries like real estate, financial services, insurance, wireless communications and others who are achieving the benefits of going digital with DocuSign, including faster speed to results, lower cost, greater efficiency, increased security and compliance, and a better end user experience. In Japan, the demand for a DTM solution is expected to grow significantly by expanding the range of documents recognized digitally. Globally, the DTM market is forecasted to grow to 3 trillion yen by 2020.    

Pasona, providers of both BPO services and HR services for companies, will cultivate personnel with DTM solution expertise. Also, through its group company, Pasona Tquila Inc., the Company will sell and provide support with the introduction, configuration and operation of DTM solutions to companies. Through these services, Pasona will propose to improve corporate operational efficiency.

Additionally, in June 2016, Pasona coupled its customer management system with DocuSign's DTM solution to digitize contracts related to its temporary staffing business. With regards to temporary staffing contracts, in recent years, amendments to the Worker Dispatch Law have been sought more rigorously in order to protect temporary staffs. By introducing DocuSign's DTM solution, contractors are asked to confirm and can modify contract details online before concluding the contract process. This is but one effort towards strengthening compliance.

Pasona and DocuSign together have a view to increase efficiency through the digitization of all businesses and for customers and companies alike to support the introduction of DTM solutions. In the future, Pasona will also cultivate and staff "DocuSign administrators" in order to enrich personnel development programs.   

Pasona President and COO Tsukasa Satou commented, "For business-to-business transactions, DTM allows companies to create, approve and sign documents anywhere at any time. I expect that the necessity for this type of solution will rapidly increase in the future, especially at global companies as well as at Japanese companies which are introducing flexible work styles. This solution can simplify any complex interactions between respective companies during a contractual process, can enhance operational management and can reduce errors. In addition, with regards to our temporary staffing services, we are required by law to prepare the contract by having the client fill-in certain items along with approving the contract. After confirming the temporary staffing contract, our aim is to finalize the contract efficiently and to improve convenience and compliance."  

DocuSign Japan Vice President Hayato Koeda said, "For Pasona, a pioneer in the industry, to have adopted DocuSign's DTM solution is a great pleasure. In all industries there is an increasing trend in automating the number of documents and transactions. By digitizing all these transactions with DocuSign, our solution can expand on benefits including efficiency and cost reduction. Together with Pasona's advanced initiatives, I look forward to showcasing the benefits of DocuSign's DTM solution to other customers across Japan."    

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