DocuSign Achieves Certification with xDTM Standard

SAN FRANCISCO, April 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of the xDTM Standard Association making the first version of the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) Standard available to the public last week, DocuSign, the eSignature and DTM leader, today announced it has finalized its compliance with the xDTM Standard.

 DocuSign, Inc.

Developed by the organization's participants over the past two years, the Standard provides in-depth guidelines and best practices that a DTM provider should address to create a trusted online environment for digital transactions. It also establishes eight core requirements for trust and reliability that a DTM provider must adhere to in order to be compliant.

DocuSign's compliance with the Standard provides greater transparency for companies considering its solutions, by highlighting the practices that DocuSign employs to ensure quality in digital transactions, which is of critical importance, given that DocuSign just announced major growth in its customer base – over 225,000 customers and 85 million users generating nearly 950,000 transactions per day.

"As the demand grows, it's critical that businesses and consumers can trust that the DTM provider follows best practices to protect their transactions and ensure that they can be securely retrieved when needed," explained Reggie Davis, general counsel and chief legal officer, DocuSign. "xDTM certification provides a verifiable level of assurance for our customers."

According to the standard, the eight areas a DTM provider needs to successfully address include:

  • Security – features best-in-class technical protection, highly secure access, and proactive protection policies
  • Assurance – provides assurance that xDTM transactions are compliant with applicable laws
  • Privacy – allows a person or company to reveal information selectively, at their discretion
  • Validity – has a reliable, transparent and verifiable chain of custody, and a digitally signed, tamper-evident audit trail
  • Availability – ensures that transactions are always accessible and obtainable, high performing during periods of peak use, resilient across disaster scenarios, and free of scheduled offline maintenance
  • Scalability – accepts increased volume without impacting performance due to ongoing capacity modeling and proactive lifecycle management
  • Universality – functions across heterogeneous environments/devices and is accessible worldwide
  • Interoperability – works across collaborative services environments and includes integration guidelines and APIs

"Achieving compliance is a significant accomplishment for DocuSign," added Davis.  "Our goal is to help change how business gets done by enabling organizations and businesses to transact online with confidence – and adopting the standard demonstrates our commitment to making it safer and easier for all of our customers to embrace digital transaction management."

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