Use cases: Docusign saves time and money

We often talk in general terms about how Docusign helps companies to reduce their costs and save time. There’s nothing like tangible proof, though, to really bring these benefits home.

Here, we share four examples of Australian organisations who have made the switch to digital agreements with Docusign and are reaping tangible business benefits as a result. The time and cost savings that are documented below can be folded back into their businesses for growth, innovation and work to enhance customer experience – wins all around.

1. A cost saving of almost $200,000 per annum

The Yarra Ranges Council procurement team manages more than 350 contracts a year. Each one of these contracts is made up of a number of documents, which need to be signed by multiple parties.

Before Docusign, contracts were printed in triplicate, couriered to each party, and then couriered back with any changes. Changes were then manually implemented for the process to start again until signing was completed. Considering contracts can be up to 2,500 pages, this meant the process could take weeks, cost a small fortune in printing and courier fees, not to mention the environmental impact of printing large amount of paper.

Since deciding to digitise paper-based agreements using Docusign, the Yarra Ranges Council has never looked back. Before, it would take two weeks for standard contracts to be returned. Now, more than half of all contracts are signed and returned within two days. What’s more, the Council is saving $171,000 per annum by eliminating paper-based workflows.

2. A time saving of 650 hours per annum

For Carers ACT, a not-for-profit that does important work supporting, connecting and empowering carers to look after vulnerable members of the community, time spent on slow, paper-based processes is time that could otherwise be directed towards helping those in need.

By switching to Docusign, Carers ACT has saved a staggering 650 hours across about 1,300 broker purchases. As Tracey Gullo, Aged Care Manager at Carers ACT says, “Docusign has cut down our admin time significantly when completing Service Agreements with carers. Carers have found this process much easier than the previous paper-based system.”

3. An 85% reduction in document turnaround time

The Municipal Association of Victoria, which plays an important role advocating for local government, was struggling with a slow, labour-intensive process for getting panel contracts signed. The Association works directly with over 300 suppliers each year, with Victorian councils dealing with over 30,000 suppliers. Getting contracts out to these suppliers manually was taking up too much time.

To fix things, the Municipal Association of Victoria has digitised its contracts. In doing so, it has realised an 85% reduction in turnaround time on documents – which means that the team has more time to focus on designing and delivering services that add real value to council members. It has also reduced the costs associated with printing, posting and manually handling contracts, as well as the dependence upon paper.

The digital process has reduced the turnaround time on the majority of contracts with some being signed within minutes. Finalising contracts this quickly was impossible in the past with urgent agreements requiring employees to meet with suppliers in-person.

As Cameron Spence, Manager of Commercial Services, Municipal Association of Victoria, sums up, “Going digital with Docusign has made the contract execution process overwhelmingly more efficient.”

What could you save?

If your businesses handles numerous contracts and agreements on a daily or weekly basis, then you will no doubt save time and/or money by digitising these agreements with Docusign.

See how much you could save.

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