Agreeable tech: Two companies share their secrets

Here at Docusign, we love talking to clever people about how they are using technology to not only improve the way they do things today, but also how they prepare for the future. Recently, we had the privilege of speaking to two inspirational companies about how technology has helped them through the challenges of 2020 – and is now gearing them up for long-term success.

You can catch the full wrap of this conversation in our on-demand webinar, Agreeable Tech: Building for the Future of Technology in Australia and New Zealand. Or, you can read our summary here.

Why we made this webinar

This year has been incredibly challenging for many companies. We’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way that people work and the way that businesses operate. Out of necessity, a massive 75% of Australian companies have had to equip workers with new software; and 67% have had to invest in new hardware for remote employees, like laptops and monitors. While it might seem like a huge outlay, these investments are paying off by helping workers become more efficient, productive and happy at home.

Interestingly, as our recent study into the rise of the home enterprise found, less than half (44%) of workers miss having access to office equipment like printers and scanners while they work from home. Ten years ago, when paper reigned supreme, this would have likely been a very different result.

With all this change afoot – and with technology emerging as somewhat of a saviour during these difficult times – we wanted to know what local companies have been doing this year to adapt. Specifically, we were interested in finding out how technology is enabling success. So we asked.

For Simplify, technology has literally kept the wheels in motion

Scott Robertson, Director, Simplify was our first guest. Simplify is New Zealand’s largest independent broker of car finance. The business is based in Melbourne, but all of its customers are in New Zealand – so, in a way, the company has always worked remotely. But the global pandemic really cemented remote ways of working and reinforced to Scott and his team that technology is critical to their success.

“Technology has been important to us from day one. We invested in Salesforce from the day we started and we have continued to build upon our tech platform since then. When the pandemic hit, we were ready for it,” Scott explained

The company recently added Docusign to its technology mix. As Scott said, “We sought to deliver a sleeker and more consistent customer experience; and we wanted to drive operational efficiencies for profitability and growth. It was taking too long for customers to print, sign and send back loan documents.”

Whereas it used to take two or three days to turn a contract around, Simplify now gets them signed on the same day, or within 24 hours. Most importantly, the company’s productivity has increased 20-25%. And the gains look set to continue. As Scott said, “We’ve only been scratching the surface when it comes to how Docusign has supported our processes. We will continue to explore ways we can streamline processes, enhance customers experiences, and boost operational efficiencies and sales consistencies.”

For Canopy Tools, the future is all about automation

At Canopy Tools, Group General Manager Wayne Moore is passionate about all things IoT and automation. After all, the software company does deliver an IoT and IT asset management platform that focuses on automation and integration.

As Wayne explained, automation is transforming the way that many businesses operate. “Automation is super important for us internally and for our customers. It allows us to respond quickly to events and scenarios. For example, if something happens overnight or on the weekend that needs remediation, we can automate a set of tasks that does the job automatically – no need to call anyone or get them out of bed.”

Automation is playing its part with the way that Canopy Tools is using Docusign, too. The team has set up an extensive template library, which is making it incredibly easy for employees to set up and send out new agreements. “We had a new business manager start. He hit the ground running, and before we knew it needed agreements generated and sent out. He was able to click a few buttons in Salesforce to trigger Docusign to send a customised agreement, populated with the partner details, which was then executed and signed on the same day,” said Wayne.

Wayne’s tip for those seeking to leverage the benefits of automation is to take the time to really understand the assets you’re already working with. “What you don’t measure, you can’t manage. And what you can’t manage, you can’t automate.”

Want to know more?

Remember, you can catch up on the webinar by watching it now. Or, if you’re keen to discover how Docusign could transform your business and prepare you for whatever the future holds, contact us today.

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