Why customers choose DocuSign

  • David Augustyniak
    Broker/Owner, RealtyFlex of NE Indiana
    DocuSign is one of the best tools I’ve ever used. It saves me so much time and money in getting signatures – and my clients can DocuSign whenever and wherever convenient. I highly recommend DocuSign to all REALTORS who make their living by listing and selling properties.
  • Chris Lopez
    World Class Properties
    As a realtor, I review and sign a lot of documents every day. Using DocuSign for Google has been a seamless experience. Rather than saving documents, uploading, signing and then bringing it back to send, I can do it all from Gmail. The migration is simple and everything is automatically sent back to clients. I save 5 - 10 minutes on every transaction and I can't say enough about how easy it is to use.
  • Kristen Short - Managing Director of NAR
    Great Client Experience Using DocuSign
    I am currently in the middle of selling my condo and buying a new one and I wanted to relay what a great experience I have had using DocuSign. In a real estate market with tight inventory, every second counts! Using DocuSign on my iPhone, I was able to sign an offer to purchase on a Friday evening while I was running errands and in the TJ Maxx checkout line. I appreciate its ease of use. I also appreciate how DocuSign fits the flow of my daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • Trent Slatton
    Prudential California Realty
    Since 2007 I've been using Docusign to make my clients lives easier! This is the ultimate tool in my quiver, saving me time helping me achieve my goals of paperless transactions. This IS the REAL the ultimate customer service tool!
  • Gary Thompson
    Re/Max Masters
    DocuSign is critical to the success of my business. My clients love being able to sign documents on their smartphones, I love being able to use it on all my mobile devices. It is right where I need it to be, when I need it. If real estate is your profession, you are not in business until you are using DocuSign!
  • Sara Driscoll
    Real Living Lifestyles
    When I think about tech tools that I wouldn't want to live without, Docusign is at the top of my list! I've been in real estate for 30 years, and I can't even describe the time Docusign saves me. Congratulations on Cartavi, also. I've been using it for a few months, and it's rapidly becoming as indispensable to me as Docusign. Those are the 2 top tools that clients tell me over and over how impressed they are that we provide these services for them. Thanks for making me look good!
  • Bill Treadway
    Stearns Lending
    We save millions of dollars with DocuSign, because it cuts time out of the deals. It allows us to move the paperwork much more quickly, and anytime you save time on documents, you save money.
  • Robert Bolar
    I do everything mobile on multiple devices, and pride myself on being paperless. I save time and don't need to go to the office. It's also much easier for my clients because they don’t need to find me.
  • Richard Lasica
    Realty Executives
    I have many clients from out of state and with DocuSign they can sign remotely and quickly, which is so important with the speed needed to secure a home. I don’t know how I can do business without it.
  • Tina Merritt
    Nest Realty
    I could not do my business without DocuSign. Since I started using DocuSign, my business has grown 50%. We love using the iPad app and working while mobile. Without DocuSign I wouldn’t be able to provide the best customer service.
  • Patrick Boland
    Your Realty Insider
    DocuSign has changed our business – it provides great time savings and convenience for everyone. We don’t worry about where the client is in the process because the system tells us. Clients are thrilled they can sign wherever they are from an iPhone or iPad, and we’re not chasing them down with faxes and calls. If you want to try an esignature application, DocuSign is the way to go.
  • John Pinto
    Realty World
    Thanks to DocuSign, I haven’t used a piece of paper on a real estate transaction on over 2000 transactions in the past 10 years.
  • Shannon King
    TriBella Realty & Schoolhouse Realty
    I use DocuSign to streamline my transactions. I was spending most of my time driving to a client, scanning and emailing paperwork to the other agent and waiting. I love that I can carbon copy the other agent, so as soon as the client signs, it is sent to the other agent. Being a broker, it is also my responsibility to ensure contracts are written correctly, and since I am copied I can review their contracts easily. I highly recommend DocuSign for all agents.
  • Sean Moore
    REMAX - Boone Realty
    For the cost and what I can do with it, it’s invaluable. I wish I had started using it 7 years ago, it has truly revolutionized the way I do business. Using DocuSign has made me 100% mobile and paperless and gives me an extra day per week.

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