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Staffing firm ScribeAmerica’s business has skyrocketed thanks to the healthcare industry’s digitization efforts. With a greater need for tasks like data entry and administrative services, doctor’s offices and hospitals need more medical scribes than ever before. But this rapid growth hasn’t been symptom-free. One side effect? Growing pains due to inefficient employee onboarding. 

ScribeAmerica grew from 1,200 employees in 2012 to more than 21,000 today. But this growth required a small team of 40 HR staff members to manually review and manage all the agreements involved with hiring and onboarding thousands of new employees around the country. ScribeAmerica’s HR agreement processes needed an upgrade. 

That upgrade came in the form of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud for HR and Workday. Together, the two platforms let staff prepare, sign, act on, and manage employee agreements digitally in one integrated solution. The integration has streamlined and simplified HR processes for managing employee agreements and improved the onboarding experience for future scribes. 

When ScribeAmerica VP of IT Daniel Tehrani joined the organization in 2012, he knew that the only way the company could scale successfully was to make its core HR operations more efficient. Not only was the company growing rapidly, it now churns approximately 1,500 employees every month. Yet the process for managing agreements for hiring and onboarding was manual and paper based. 

“Employees would fill out an application and fax their I-9 to our corporate office, and then mail the original paper copy to our office,” Tehrani says. “Needless to say, this led to some significant delays in hiring.” 

Data-entry errors caused by unclear handwriting, for example, was another challenge, according to Tehrani. “Members of the HR staff were entering sixes instead of zeros, and before you knew it they’d entered in an incorrect social security number.” 

A modern digital onboarding experience 

Most of ScribeAmerica’s job applicants are between the ages of 21 to 25, and they expect a simple, digital recruiting experience. These expectations also present an opportunity for the company to roll out digital tools with the confidence that their employees and candidates will readily adopt them. 

When we bring a new technology into our platform and system, I don’t look at it as a strictly business relationship. It’s more of a partnership where we can work together to effectively reach our goals, and DocuSign has done just that.
Daniel Tehrani
Vice President of IT

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for HR integrated with Workday offers a completely digital hiring and onboarding experience that lets a young, distributed workforce complete all their hiring and onboarding agreements with ScribeAmerica from practically anywhere, on virtually any device. This integration streamlines the agreement process which, in turn, creates a faster, more efficient digital onboarding experience. 

DocuSign expansion powering growth

Tehrani and his team are exploring opportunities to integrate the DocuSign Agreement Cloud for HR with other backend systems to further support the company’s growth. “It’s exciting to see all the different things we can do outside the integration we’re currently using,” Tehrani says. “As we continue to grow, we’re assessing where can we fit this into our existing processes, and how it can help us to be more efficient.” 

Tehrani says that future IT successes will depend on a productive relationship with DocuSign.“When we bring a new technology into our platform and system, I don’t look at it as a strictly business relationship,” he says.