Why eSignature is a Smart Investment for Any Size Business

Managing a growing business calls for managing a whole slew of roles, from finance to marketing to customer service and more. There’s no one solution to all the challenges you face, but one way to make your job much easier is the digitization of manual processes. Today’s modern digital solutions aren’t just for large enterprises. They’re meant to help businesses of any size in any sector. And for most businesses, one of the first places to start modernizing—and reap immediate and substantial benefits—is with e-signature.

For everything from signing contracts to hiring new employees, e-signature makes collecting signatures and completing agreements far simpler and easier for your team, clients and partners. And as the leading e-signature solution, Docusign eSignature is purpose-built for easy use, maximum efficiency, and major cost savings.

Let’s take a closer look at why investing in Docusign eSignature can make sense for your business.

Save money

Traditional contract management through physical forms creates inefficiencies and increases costs. Printing documents, circulating them in hard copy, and storing them all cost money. These costs can add up quickly – and be surprisingly (and concerningly) high.

There are savings of two kinds at work with eSignature: time and money. Because of the efficiency and ease of use of eSignature, one has to wait to receive a paper copy of a document or go through extensive authentication processes—businesses can complete agreements remarkably quickly.

  • eSignature customers reported an average reduction in time spent collecting signatures by 25-50%, and an improvement in contract turnaround time by 75%
  • Around 80% of Docusign agreements are signed within one day, and 44% are signed within 15 minutes.

eSignature customers can save an average of $4-10 per document, and by moving to an all-digital model, they can eliminate these costs altogether. Most Docusign customers report a hard cost reduction of around 50%.

Drive value

When you want to outpace your competitors, speed is your ally. The ability to produce a document faster than your competitors, and make the process easy and frictionless, gives you a valuable advantage.

The ripple effect of saving time on completing contracts and agreements means faster time to value. With streamlined and automated processes for generating, approving, distributing and completing agreements, eSignature enables you to speed the flow of revenue.

Customers reported turnaround times of 15 days faster after adopting Docusign eSignature. Especially in a rising or high interest rate environment, two-plus weeks can have a major impact on your cash flow and margins.

eSignature customers reported an 8% increase in successfully winning contracts and a 41% decrease in time to close deals. 

What’s more, as you close more deals and grow, eSignature can scale with you. You can stay on the eSignature platform that you and your customers already know and trust, adding more features and functionality as you need them. Docusign provides a variety of resources to help at every point of your growth journey and set you up for success.

Increase efficiency

Enabling your employees to complete all their work within one application with easy integrations helps you leapfrog roadblocks and improve efficiency.

When it comes to integrations, eSignature has more than any other solution in the market: 400. Moving between applications causes inefficiencies and interrupts workflow, diminishing your teams’ ability to work quickly and productively. By integrating with common platforms like Google, Slack, Salesforce and monday.com, eSignature eliminates this friction, saving even more time and driving more value.

Elevate customer experiences

Creating a strong user experience—for both your customers and your staff—is crucial to success. A 5-star experience elevates your status with customers, increases loyalty and helps you meet goals.

Docusign eSignature is a trusted brand that your customers have likely already encountered in other areas of their lives. Working with a solution that they have familiarity with and knowing that their contracts are handled by our systems, lets your customers feel secure.

When it comes to experiences, trust goes hand-in-hand with convenience. Customers can complete agreements from anywhere there’s an internet connection, at any time, on any device. Responsive signing functionality, built into every version of eSignature, automatically adapts to signers’ screen sizes and shapes.

Critical KPIs improve when companies adopt eSignature:

  • 73% of customers reported increased client satisfaction
  • 72% reported fewer security incidents
  • 75% reported fewer compliance incidents

For companies that are looking at every metric to grow their bottom line, eSignature lets you maximize customer relationships, and make the most of your staff’s time and energies.

An investment in Docusign eSignature delivers substantial ROI across the board 

The world of business is becoming faster, more digital, and more competitive. Docusign eSignature helps your business save money, speed time to value, and impress your customers with professionalism and convenience. When you need to spend your money wisely, eSignature is a smart investment.

Learn more about how Docusign eSignature can work for you.