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White Paper

How to Measure the Value of E-Signature

The world has transformed to do business digitally and modern e-signature technology is an important part of that evolution. 

Despite the advantages, not every organisation has made the decision to adopt an e-signature tool. This whitepaper is for those teams. It uses customer data to answer common questions that teams ask before they invest in e-signature. Inside, you’ll find clear metrics to answer basic questions, including:

  • How long does e-signature implementation take?

  • When will I see a return on e-signature investment?

  • How do faster signatures turn into revenue?

  • Which hard costs can be reduced with e-signature?

  • How does e-signature adoption affect my customers?

If your team is still waiting to commit to an e-signature tool, this guide will help you understand the benefits and make a clear business case to invest.