Why Choose Docusign eSignature

With the migration to remote work and the growing expectation for on-the-go digital solutions, organizations are recognizing the value of e-signature solutions to get work done faster, with fewer errors, more robust security, and greater sustainability.

From financial, healthcare, and technology companies to government agencies and educational institutions, e-signature solutions can be used for almost any agreement across all lines of business or industry. For example, human resources can use e-signature for onboarding and employee paperwork; sales for sending quotes, contracts, and invoices; and procurement for SOWs, MSAs, and purchase orders.

If your organization is evaluating e-signature providers, you may be wondering how to navigate the different solutions in the market. With over one million organizations and more than one billion users around the world, Docusign eSignature is a proven industry leader with first-to-market features that deliver a better customer experience and improve business agility.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should choose Docusign eSignature as your e-signature provider.

1. Protect confidential agreements and data

As more business moves onto the cloud, organizations must ensure that their data storage complies with risk-mitigating regulations. In industries and departments where compliance and regulatory concerns rule document workflows, finding an e-signature provider you can trust with sensitive documents isn’t just a matter of improving business performance—it’s high stakes.

Docusign eSignature creates an automatic record of all actions taken on the document, from initial receipt to signature. Each signee’s identifying information is recorded at the time of signing, along with a confirmation that each signee agreed to provide an electronic signature—ensuring a complete audit trail for compliance purposes. eSignature also offers industry-specific solutions to support heavily regulated industries like finance and healthcare.

eSignature’s enterprise-grade security and compliance controls ensure the safety of your customers’ data. For example, eSignature offers multi-factor identity verification, using email addresses, SMS authentication, ID verification, one-time access codes, and more.

Docusign Monitor provides an additional layer of security to help guard your critical agreements. Monitor helps security teams detect unauthorized activity with rules-based alerts and investigate incidents with ready access to in-depth information.

2. Deliver a superior signing experience

According to commissioned research by Forrester, 32% of organizations suffered from lower completion rates and more abandoned deals due to inefficient agreement processes. With eSignature’s low-friction approach, companies can improve their document completion rate.

Less time finalizing an agreement means your company speeds the time to recognize revenue – without incurring additional costs.

With Docusign eSignature, 80% of transactions are completed in less than 24 hours.

Most important, your customers love the modern, streamlined, and intuitive signing experience Docusign provides. Docusign is a well-known and trusted brand that customers feel comfortable using to sign important agreements.

3. Improve employee productivity

eSignature improves efficiency as you share documents and finalize signatures. If you often send the same form, eSignature lets you save the repeatable information as a template for later reuse. In fact, Docusign offers prebuilt templates for the most common forms and contracts, like W-4s, I-9s, NDAs, SOWs, offer letters, lease agreements and more.

If you’re sending the same document to a large number of recipients, you can save time and minimize errors with our bulk send functionality. Simply import a list of signers and each will receive a unique copy of the same form.

The embodiment of efficiency, eSignature walks the signer through forms and documents based on fields you designate, reducing the risk of errors or empty fields. You can integrate eSignature with other systems, like Salesforce, to automatically populate a contract with the data you already have, further minimizing errors and saving the time you would otherwise spend double-checking your figures.

With eSignature, you can monitor who has signed and who still needs to sign, so you know the exact status of your contract – and who you need to nudge to move the process forward. Customizing notification settings lets you remind signers when they need to take action.

eSignature eliminates the frustrating manual labor that slows down sales and avoids mistakes. And closing contracts faster means recognizing revenue sooner.

Docusign continues to innovate and add functionality based on customer feedback. Our more advanced features can automatically route documents to the right people based on defined rules; automatically trigger actions after a document is signed, such as archiving the document to cloud storage; and offer analysis of signing behavior—all improving your employee productivity as well as the customer experience.

4. Connect with the systems where you already work

More and more, the documents you send are probably part of a larger document management process that reaches across multiple departments of your organization. But the systems each department uses aren’t often connected to one another. Take, for example, the process for a new hire: an offer letter originates in HR (HCM), but before it can be sent, finance might have to approve it (ERP). Once signed, IT must provision the new employee (ServiceNow).

In a Docusign survey of sales, HR, legal and procurement professionals, over 90% of these teams felt that their existing software wasn’t being used to full capacity. The top reason was a lack of integration with other tools and systems. eSignature enables you to save time by seamlessly connecting with the tools and platforms your teams use every day.

Docusign has integrations across Salesforce, Microsoft, Workday, Google, Oracle, SAP and other cloud-based software systems that you use to run your business. Say goodbye to time spent building and maintaining integrations and hello to faster time-to-value.

5. Support environmental sustainability

From the very beginning, environmental sustainability has been an important part of Docusign’s mission: we believe that Docusign has an important role to play in creating a sustainable future. eSignature alone has replaced billions of pieces of paper, along with significant amounts of the waste, water, wood, and carbon used in the manufacturing process.

In 2019, we launched Docusign for Forests. Our initiative supports nonprofit organizations that protect the world’s forests and includes an environmental impact calculator in our core eSignature product, so our customers can see how their usage benefits the environment.

A truly digital agreement process from a trusted brand

With Docusign as your e-signature partner, we enable your digital transformation journey – and add functionality that automatically integrates with your existing investments. What’s more, you can see these benefits in action in other stages of the contract process, like preparing agreements, acting on next steps and managing completed agreements. It’s a recipe for success.

eSignature is part of the Docusign Agreement Cloud, the most comprehensive suite of solutions to connect and automate the entire agreement process. Implementing Docusign eSignature is the first step to doing business quickly, simply, and cost-effectively, while delivering an excellent experience for your employees and customers. 

It’s time to agree better. Let us show you how. Learn more about how Docusign eSignature can help your business today.