We're Live with the Docusign Winter '20 Release!

By Mindy Park, Product Marketing Manager, Docusign

We recently wrapped up an impactful week at Dreamforce ’19, where we were proud to be an Innovator Sponsor. We were also excited to bring the Docusign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce to life, including two new products in the Docusign Winter ’20 Release: Docusign CLM and Docusign Negotiate. These innovations make it easier than ever for customers to prepare, sign, act-on, and manage agreements. 

Here’s Docusign’s Chief Product Officer Ron Hirson to tell us more:


Docusign CLM

Customers know and love Docusign for digitizing the signature process; however, there are still several steps in the contract lifecycle before and after the signature. In most organizations, these steps require manual, disconnected processes. In fact, according to Docusign’s State of Contract Management survey, a third of companies are still using Excel to manage agreements. All those spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails are sources of needless costs, wasted time, unnecessary risk, and customer and employee dissatisfaction. 

Enter Docusign CLM, the next generation of our CLM (contract lifecycle management) product, formerly SpringCM Contract Management. Together with Docusign eSignature, Docusign CLM digitizes your entire agreement lifecycle by automating a contract’s creation, negotiation, execution and storage.

Docusign CLM includes:

  • A flexible workflow engine that allows users to automate even the most complex agreement processes, reducing the number of manual handoffs and errors.
  • A single place to store and search all your contracts. You can even apply workflow to stored contracts' metadata, such as for renewal reminders.
  • Automated document generation from data in other systems such as CRM. Compared to manually creating agreements by cutting and pasting data from other systems, automated document generation saves time and eliminates errors.
  • Automated support for negotiation tasks such as reviews, approvals, change detection, redlining, and version tracking.

All this comes with category-leading security and compliance, including SOC 2, HIPPA and FedRAMP authorization. 

Docusign Negotiate

For small and medium-size organizations that don’t need the full breadth of Docusign CLM but do need to automate how they generate and negotiate agreements, there’s Docusign Negotiate. Negotiate includes streamlined versions of CLM’s document-generation and negotiation capabilities, in a package that’s easy to set up and run.

The initial version, Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce, is pre-integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud and with Docusign eSignature (sold separately). That means you can automate from generating to negotiating to signing an agreement, then automatically storing it back in Salesforce.

Docusign eSignature for Salesforce CPQ and Billing with Payments

We also announced a new capability in our integration with Salesforce CPQ and Billing. With Docusign eSignature for Salesforce CPQ and Billing with Payments, you can collect payments on quotes during the signature process, as well as store payment methods in Salesforce Billing for future and recurring payments. Your customers will be happy with a fast, convenient payment experience; meanwhile, you’ll reduce costs, delays and non-payment risks associated with manual billing.

We hope you enjoy the new products in the Winter ’20 release. For further details, see the Release Notes.

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