We’re Live with the Docusign Summer ’19 Release!

By Mindy Park, Product Marketing Manager, Docusign

This week at Momentum, our annual conference, we unveiled new product innovation directly to 1,500 customers, developers and partners. We also launched the Docusign Summer ’19 Release, which includes highly requested customer features and new industry solutions. This release continues to strengthen the Docusign Agreement Cloud, a suite of more than a dozen applications and 350 integrations covering the entire agreement process.




We’re continuing to expand our core eSignature capabilities with features you’ve been asking for. First is Conditional Recipients, where you can configure rules to automatically route envelopes to different recipients based on envelope data. For example, if a purchase order is above a certain amount, the envelope will be sent to a more senior  approver than if the request were under that amount. Before Conditional Recipients, customers would have to manually enter different signers or use multiple envelopes. Now, you can automatically route envelopes to support your advanced workflows, saving time and creating a much better sender experience. (We will begin rolling out Conditional Recipients to customers in July; please contact your Account Manager if you’d like access immediately)

In several countries, sensitive agreements, such as deeds and title transfers, require a witness to sign alongside the signer. That’s why we built eWitness. With eWitness, signers can now include up to two witnesses in the Docusign eSignature workflow and capture witness information in the Certificate of Completion. We’ve already heard great feedback from early customers, who previously had to use paper for these transactions with witnesses.

For developers, we just launched eSignature API 2.1, an updated version of our award-winning API. Developers can now use the same API we use internally, including access to features such as Bulk Send and Comments.


Industry Products


As you all know, not all agreements are the same. That’s why the Docusign Agreement Cloud has industry solutions for those that require a specific set of technologies or processes. Case in point: Docusign Rooms for Mortgage, a secure, digital workspace for everyone involved in a mortgage. Instead of downloading forms, printing, scanning, emailing, and chasing people with voicemail, lenders use Rooms to collect borrower documents, assemble closing packages with external participants like title and settlement, keep things moving with configurable checklists and reminders, and pull it all together for a smooth closing day.

Last but not least, we’re also making it easier for life sciences customers to adhere to Part 11 regulations. Accompanying our Part 11 Module, Docusign Validator for Life Sciences provides automated tests to support customers’ validation of Part 11 compliance for regulated use cases. Its automated reports contain screenshots of each test, details of the specific provision tested, and the final results, significantly simplifying aspects of Part 11 compliance validation.

We hope you enjoy the new products and capabilities that the Summer ’19 release brings. Take a look at the Release Notes to learn about our latest capabilities under the Docusign Agreement Cloud.