Using E-Signature with Popular Collaboration Apps

As the world around us quickly evolves, so too does the modern workplace. A recent Okta study found businesses use approximately 175 tools across their organizations. The impact that has on productivity is staggering: users can spend up to 32 working days a year switching between various applications.

The reality isn’t lost on employees, who find navigating between apps more annoying than household chores, according to a RingCentral study.

As a way to improve production and workplace collaboration, Docusign eSignature integrates with popular workforce platforms such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams.


We have combined the power of Docusign eSignature with the sheer convenience that Zoom brings to collaboration. The integration allows users to discuss questions and complete agreements from a Zoom online conferencing session. Here’s how it works:

  • The sender prepares an agreement in eSignature and sends it to the recipient
  • Both connect on a Zoom call, during which the sender opens the eSignature application and shares the agreement 
  • The sender passes control to the recipient to sign and submit
  • Participants can use Zoom features like annotation to mark up and discuss any questions pertaining to the agreement. 


Docusign eSignature integrates with Slack to spare users from having to navigate through various applications to send or sign a document. It also prevents requests for signature from being buried in email inboxes and keeps business moving forward.

Those working in Slack will receive a notification when they have a document to sign. They can submit their signature from within Slack without having to toggle back and forth to an email account. This integration simplifies important business processes such as:

  • Sharing HR documents
  • Streamlining new hire and onboarding tasks
  • Expediting approvals for a sales contracts

Users can also initiate sending an agreement right from Slack. They can access a library of templates or use their own custom agreement—and then send and sign from within Slack.

Microsoft Teams

The Docusign integration with Microsoft Teams provides customers with more ways to stay connected and collaborate from within the applications they’re already actively using. Employees can quickly send agreements like onboarding documents, sales contracts and more for signature from within Teams.

Teams also sends notifications when someone needs to sign or has completed an agreement, and reminder notifications are automatically sent to encourage others to sign and complete documents. 

A better way to collaborate

Sending agreements for signature is often part of a larger contract process that touches multiple departments across the organization–which is why Docusign has built more than 400 integrations to different applications where work gets done. 

Adopting any of these integrations can be beneficial to multiple departments and companies seeking to streamline their processes. Other benefits include:

  • Human resources, where it can be used for job offers, onboarding, and more
  • Sales teams, who can finalize contracts and address concerns in real-time 
  • Wealth management professionals who use it while providing higher levels of services to new account holders
  • State and local employees using it to provide remote services and getting necessary forms signed remotely

To learn more, watch our webinar, Get More from Your Productivity Tools by Integrating with eSignature.

Yasamin Yousefi
E-Signature Expert