Top 5 E-Signature Features to Get Agreements Signed Faster

According to a July 2021 Docusign survey of 1,800 global contract professionals, the #1 challenge in getting documents signed was doing so in a timely fashion. This isn’t surprising given that paper-based processes are typically a slow, error-prone mix of printing, signing, scanning, faxing and overnighting paper documents. Moving to an e-signature-based process goes a long way to simplifying the agreement process and increasing the speed to revenue. 

Docusign eSignature eliminates manual tasks, accelerates agreements and makes it easy to connect with the tools and systems you already use. Not only does this save time and money, but it also brings revenue into your organization faster. In fact, 80% of Docusign agreements are completed in less than a day, while 44% of them are done in less than 15 minutes, allowing customers like Boston Scientific to speed form completion by 78%. 

A faster signing process also means happier customers, and Docusign has several features focused on making signing stress-free, from our mobile app to comments and more. 

Mobile app

The Docusign eSignature mobile app is a simple way to send, sign and return documents electronically using virtually any device—and without being tied to the office. Signers also receive real-time push notifications when a document is completed or when it’s waiting for signature, so you can ensure it’s signed on time. 


  • Healthcare patient onboarding forms
  • Rental applications 
  • Sales agreements 


Adding your company’s branding (e.g., logo and custom colors) to the envelope increases visibility, awareness and trust, giving customers and other recipients confidence that they’re signing the right documents, thus encouraging quicker turnaround. It’s as simple as uploading your company logo and setting your brand colors.


  • Employee contracts
  • Patient consent forms
  • NDAs


Though most agreements that are  routed for signature have addressed all outstanding issues, sometimes signers may have additional questions or requests, or see something unexpected. With comments, they simply click to add a note to the envelope, and you’re notified immediately, streamlining the entire process, so your agreements are completed as rapidly as possible.


  • Legal agreements
  • Sales orders
  • Subcontractor agreements 


Today’s agreements aren’t just text-based, but they’re visual as well. The Docusign eSignature drawing feature gives signers a quick and easy way to communicate beyond words and signatures. Signers and senders can upload images into the agreement and easily mark  them up in a few simple clicks.


  • Construction
  • Insurance claims
  • Medical diagrams


With Docusign Payments, you can give your customers a speedier, more convenient way to pay you- right from within the agreement - enabling you to get paid instantly. Customers can use any major credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or ACH Additionally, Payments is also PCI-compliant, so you can rest assured it’s safe and secure. 


  • Deposits
  • Invoices
  • Membership fees

Learn more

These “do more with DocuSIgn” features are just a sampling of what's available to help you speed the agreement signing process. 

You can try any of them out by either logging into your account and giving them a spin or, if they’re not currently part of your plan, upgrade your account to add them.