Sign and Pay with DocuSign Payments

Don’t be among the 20% of businesses who waste 10+ hours per week chasing payments. Eliminate that time (and cost) with DocuSign Payments, enabling you to collect signatures and payments together in one easy step.

If you’re reading this, you likely spend a lot of time manually tracking down payments and deposits after your customers have signed on the dotted line. Especially if you work for a smaller company and wear many hats, your time is limited, so every minute and payment collected is critical for success.

Customers are using DocuSign Payments for their insurance policies, sales proposals and membership agreements among the countless number of potential use cases. Prior to using DocuSign Payments, many of our customers collected payments by accepting checks in the mail or asking for credit card information over the phone. Those manual, time-consuming processes have been quickly eliminated with DocuSign Payments.

“Prior to DocuSign Payments, we spent a full day, almost eight hours, solely collecting signatures and payments for our agreements. We don’t have to wait on checks anymore. It doesn’t change how we operate but only accelerates our business,” said Rob Martinek, principal of Martinek Insurance Services in Nashville, TN.

DocuSign Payments allows you to get paid instantly - at the same time your customers sign agreements - and avoid delays and wasted time in collecting money owed.

We partnered at launch with Stripe, the global payment platform, to give you the ability to accept major credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Stripe is designed to be simple - you just need to provide your bank account information to get up and running.

DocuSign will continue to integrate with new payment partners – our currently supported payment gateways are Stripe, Braintree,, CyberSource, Zuora, and Elavon.

With DocuSign Payments, it’s intuitive and easy to send an agreement for signature and payment:

  1. With just a few clicks, connect your DocuSign account with Stripe (it's a one-time setup!)
  2. Drag and drop the “Payments” request onto your agreement
  3. Specify your payment request details, and click “Send”

The signer(s) of your agreement will receive an email notifying them they have an agreement to sign and pay. They click a link that opens the agreement securely in the DocuSign cloud - right from their laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Signer(s) can quickly, easily and securely:

  1. Complete any required fields within the agreement like address, phone number and title
  2. Sign the agreement
  3. Pay with credit card, Android Pay or Apple Pay

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