DocuSign Transaction Rooms users today spend more than 80 percent of their time in the Transactions section. Nearly all available DTR features can be found in this section. One item that many users find confusing in the Transactions section is each Transaction Room’s header. This header is broken into two panels. Let’s take a look at what information you can see in the header panels and explain who appears in the right panel (it may surprise you).

Left Panel:

The left panel displays all of the high level Transaction Room details. This includes the property image, address, Transaction Room creator/owner, the room creation date, and the Transaction Room ID number.

Clicking the ID number will open your email client and allow you to send documents directly into that Transaction Room. Check out #RoomID, the Easiest Way to Add Docs into a Transaction Room for more details on this feature.

Right Panel:

The right panel is commonly confused with being the Transaction Room’s creator/owner. The person shown here may or may not be the creator/owner of the Transaction Room depending on which side of the Transaction Room the viewer is. The person shown on the right panel is:

  • The first individual on your side of the Transaction Room with the role Real Estate Agent. That person must have a paid account to be displayed in the right panel.
  • If there is not a paid person with the Real Estate Agent role on your side of the Transaction Room, the creator of the Transaction Room is shown.

Here are a couple examples:

  1. John Smith created the Transaction Room. John is on the list side. John invited the buyer’s agent (has a paid account) and client into the Transaction Room. When the buyer’s client accesses the Transaction Room, he or she will see their agent (the buyer’s agent), not John Smith (list side).
  2. Jane Doe created the Transaction Room. Jane is on the list side. Jane invites her client, her inspector, her lawyer, and her transaction coordinator into the Transaction Room. All of these people will see her in the upper-right panel.

Contact information is available for the person shown on the right panel by clicking on his or her name. If that person hasn’t added information to his or her DTR profile, only an email address will be shown. Profile information can be added within your My Account section.

Let us know if this helped alleviate some confusion on what’s listed on the Transaction Room header in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more Tips for Real Estate.

Brent Boyens