New Features for Real Estate Professionals in Docusign eSignature

Technology is playing a growing role in the day-to-day operations of real estate professionals. Modern technology simplifies common steps that have traditionally been quite cumbersome: scheduling appointments, storing documents, hosting virtual home tours, etc. These tools are also proving especially useful in streamlining the forms and documents real estate agents must complete from listing to closing.

Exclusivity agreements, sales contracts and disclosures are just a few of the documents real estate professionals must process for each transaction. Completing heaps of paperwork for each transaction is time-consuming and monotonous. While electronic signature makes some parts of that process simpler, there’s a lot of work before and after signature that still needs to be done.

Those other agreement steps limit the amount of time real estate agents could otherwise spend generating leads and supporting the needs of their buyers or sellers. They get even more burdensome if the work is done in separate systems or involves manual work like printing, mailing or scanning.

Real estate professionals can simplify transactions with Docusign eSignature for Real Estate, an all-in-one solution for agents to do business faster. Whether using a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, it provides the tools to access and quickly complete state/local association forms, obtain electronic signatures and organize forms in one centralized place.

In this blog, we’ll share some exciting new capabilities that can be unlocked with eSignature for Real Estate features. These Docusign tools are built specifically for real estate agents to help them simplify everyday work, spend more time with clients and accelerate deals.

Track the end-to-end process with a dedicated transactions workspace

With a transactions workspace, agents can easily view all transactions and organize all related documents from a centralized hub. This dedicated workspace connects every step (and the documents that track those steps) in a single digital location. With all these forms in a single location, agents have a simpler, more efficient way of negotiating complex series documents.

Cutting-edge agents can use the transactions workspace to simplify access to current state and local association forms. They can prepopulate common data fields and use auto-fill capabilities to quickly pull data from other connected systems and reduce the amount of paperwork that has to be done. With a more uniform process and more information automatically added to forms,  the transactions workspace offers real estate agencies a simpler path to compliance and reduces the amount of time spent searching for documents.

Respond to time-sensitive documents faster with a robust mobile experience 

Real estate agents are always on the go. If they need to use a desktop or laptop computer to manage agreements, they’ll sacrifice time that they could be spending with clients or on-location at their properties. When documents are time-sensitive, they have to make sacrifices to stay tethered to their computers.

A powerful mobile solution is a need-to-have part of the modern agent’s toolkit. The Docusign mobile experience is exactly that; it gives agents the flexibility to work from anywhere. They can use almost any device to create or view any document that is part of any transaction. They can even make updates to envelopes that have already been sent or resume drafts of documents that were started on another device.

The ability to manage documents via smartphone will shorten deal close time and improve the experience of buyers and sellers. Those faster transactions will improve client satisfaction and loyalty. They may even be a competitive edge when it comes to winning clients who expect a buying or selling experience full of modern conveniences.

Streamline common real estate document actions with real estate forms

Whether acquiring new clients or simplifying standard signatures throughout a sale, real estate agents can accelerate deals, reduce errors and spend more time growing their business with real estate forms. With forms for real estate, agents can easily access the following functionality:

  • Digital form libraries give agents secure access to the most current state and local association forms 
  • Data form fill capability allows agents to enter data once and have it automatically populate across all forms in the same transaction to avoid repetitive data entry
  • Customized form packets help agents quickly find frequently used forms based on transaction type (such as purchase or sale), which saves time and supports compliance
  • Preplaced fields on forms save time by using forms with fields that are accurately placed, assigned to the proper recipients and ready to be completed and sent to clients

From listing to sale, REALTORS® can expect to mark their signature dozens of times as well as review stacks of other documents. Common forms they frequently sign throughout the process include:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Addendums
  • Appraisals and disclosures
  • Inspections 
  • Leasing or rent back contracts
  • NDAs
  • Furniture bill of sale

Manage real estate transactions with the all-in-one solution 

The robust collection of Docusign tools for realtors is a simple way for agents to spend less time on routine paperwork and more time focused on the people and properties they represent. The newest round of updates connects all those tools in a single place to maximize visibility and enhance the mobile experience for agents.

Docusign offers several real estate-specific plans with pricing to meet your budget. And because we partner with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) (we’re their exclusive eSignature provider), we can offer special pricing for NAR members.

If you’re ready to evaluate your options, check out Docusign Real Estate Pricing Plans.