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Tips for Real Estate: Top 5 Details to Fill Out in Your Transaction Room

When you get a new listing or your buyer finally finds the perfect house, there are a lot of details about the property you have to have at your fingertips to keep the transaction moving. Keeping the numbers and dates straight for one property can be difficult, and if you’re juggling several deals, it can feel overwhelming. Filling out the Details tab in your Transaction Room can help you easily access all the information you need, anywhere, on any device. Not sure what to fill out? Check out what we suggest!

  1. Transaction Information—Some of the information in this section may seem like stuff you should know off the top of your head, but the item I want to highlight here is the Origin of Lead. When you have multiple deals at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track of how you attained those clients. Having this detail as part of your transaction record allows you to recap your year—how many deals did you get by referral? Was a large percentage from the lead gen tool you pay for? Take inventory at the end of the year and see where your business is coming from to help you budget for next year!

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  1. Property Details—Make sure you enter the address correctly so you can easily find the Transaction Room you are looking for in the Transactions tab by typing in the address in the Transaction Finder search bar. The Property Details section also helps you keep track additional details like the year the property was built and notes for special circumstances.

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  1. Listing Details—Listing multiple properties? Fill in the Listing Details tab info and be sure to check back on the dates. Time can fly and you may not realize your listing has been up for 90 days without any interested prospects—maybe it’s time to consider a different marketing approach or price reduction?

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  1. Offer Details—Was the Brown’s house listed at $350,000 or did we decide to go ahead and lower the price to $340,000? You would hope to remember what your listings are going for, but when you’re keeping track of all those numbers in your head, it can get jumbled up. Be sure to enter the offer details in order to keep the numbers straight and make sure everyone involved in the transaction is on the same page.

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  1. Additional Information—If you are a visual person, this section will be particularly helpful for you. The property photo is a quick way to recognize a property, and you can easily upload the photo you want from cloud storage tools you are already using or right from your desktop. You can even snap a picture of the property on your smartphone or tablet and add it as the Transaction photo within the DocuSign TR mobile app. This section also lets you add comments so you can be sure that any additional details are captured with the rest of the property information.

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How are you using the Details tab today? Post your comments below.

Brent Boyens




  1. Hi Brent,

    I actually like your suggestions. This would be of great help especially to those who are first-timers in looking for houses. Not only does it relieve you from constantly harassing your agent with your countless questions about a house, it actually saves time when everything you need to know is just in one page or easier to find like this. I hope all transactions can be as easy as this one! Thanks again!

  2. How do I delete or make a task complete if the DTR is already “Closed” by our administration?
    It is not allowing our manager to delete it either. It states that it cannot be deleted it because others have added documents to the room.

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