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Tips for Real Estate: Tasks Just Got Easier

As DocuSign continues to study the way customers utilize our product, we learn how it can be improved. Since DocuSign Transaction Rooms: Broker Edition was launched, the Needs My Attention section has been highly utilized by our customers. Fast-forward to our September 2015 release, Tasks. We saw this trend increase and found an opportunity to break out the Needs My Attention section into a more digestible piece termed Tasks Dashboard (shown below). This new Tasks Dashboard tab combines all relevant information for not only tasks, but also task lists and Transaction Rooms needing final review.

screenshot-test.cartavi.com 2015-10-20 09-35-43

Before we get into the Task Dashboard, let’s take a look back. Each task that was in need of review as an agent or manager was displayed in the old Needs My Attention section (shown below) of the Activity Dashboard. This area provided a quick glance at the 5 latest items that needed review. This was functional, but limiting for our power users who wanted to filter tasks by many other ways.

screenshot-realestate.docusign.com 2015-10-20 08-36-58

Now, let’s look at how tasks got easier with the implementation of the Tasks Dashboard tab. The Tasks Dashboard tab provides you with 18 different ways to filter the tasks that need your attention. Simply find the task you need to review, click on it, and you’re on your way. Here is a quick glance at each available filter option:

Due Date, Task Name, and Transaction Room Name: Due Date drop down

All Status, Declined, and Needs Review: All Statuses Dropdown

All Item Types, Tasks, Task Lists, and Submitted Transaction Rooms: All Item Types Dropdown

Past Due, Due in the next week, Due in the next 2 weeks, and Due in the next Month:  Past Due Dropdown

One last item to mention that can enhance your Tasks Dashboard tab experience; while looking at the Task Dashboard, the 3 available task items shown on the Task Dashboard have corresponding icons:

Transaction Room Submitted for Review: Transaction Room review icon

Task List Submitted for Review: Tasks List review icon

Task List in Need of Review (will display the document type): task review icon

How are you sorting your DTR tasks?  Share what works for you in the comment section below.

Brent Boyens




  1. Task Suggestions:

    Agents should have the ability to create their own task lists and attach them to a transaction. Agent tasks can be items they perform for a closing that do not need any managerial review, such as utility transfers, removing the lockbox/sign from the listing after settlement, settlement gift reminders, etc. It does not seem that the agent level has the ability to add tasks.

    For individual tasks, would like the ability for the task due date to be tied to a previous tasks due date. For example, a response from a home inspection report may be due 5 days after the report was submitted for a previous task.

  2. Allen Broderick

    October 31, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    Brokering files is very cumbersome and the last update added even more unnecessary clicks.

    The current method requires:

    To broker a document in a transaction:
    1) Log on to dashboard
    2) Tab over to “Tasks”
    3) Chose tab for “needs review”
    4) Click on document
    5) Find document on Task sheet and click on document again
    6) Click on little box in header
    7) Choose “Review”
    8) Review document and approve or decline
    9) Click on “X” in header to go back top list

    Note: Once back at the list the file that has just been brokered is still there and you have to REMEMBER which documents you have brokered. They are not automatically removed or even identified in anyway that they have been brokered

    Recommended process:
    1) Log on to dashboard
    2) Click on a tab called “needs review” (all documents needing review would pop up)
    3) Click on document
    4) Go to header and click on “approve” or “decline”. No need for a drop down. If “decline” dialog box drops down – if approve you are back to the list of transactions needing review. The transaction you just reviewed is no longer on the list.

    This would take 5 steps out of the process. If a medium size brokerage does 30 deals a month with each of those deals averaging 15 documents there are over 400 documents reviewed and 2000 unnecessary clicks to do it.

    Approving a transaction or Listing documentation:

    1) Log onto dashboard
    2) Tab to tasks
    3) click on transaction set for review
    4) click on actions tab
    5) choose review tasks
    6) approve
    7) click on actions tab
    8) approve transaction
    9) Now that you have done tis there is no way to get back to your list of documents and transactions that need review. It is necessary to leave the dashboard completely
    10) log on to dashboard
    11) click on needs review.

    Recommended process:

    1) Log on to dashboard:
    2) click “transactions” tab
    3) Click on transaction and review it (note we utilize the feature which makes certain documents required for all agents) We do not need to review tasks on each transaction.
    4) Click on approve or decline button in header. If decline dialog box drops down – if approve you are back to the list of transactions needing review and the transaction you were working on no longer on the list.

    This change would take 7 steps out of the process.

    The company I previously handled the Broker review process for averaged 300 purchase agreements and 250 listing contracts per month. In this environment the broker would have to endure 35000 unnecessary clicks a month. That is a lot of clicks! This would be a tough sell to any large brokerage.

    I would appreciate some feedback and some assistance in getting these issues resolved.

    • Hi Allen,

      Thanks for the question. We recommend reaching out to the DocuSign Community Hub — it’s a great resource for connecting with other customers and DocuSign employees. They should be able to answer your concerns. https://support.docusign.com/en/community

      If you’d prefer support by phone we encourage you to reach out to our support team at 888-600-4146.
      Thanks again for commenting and please let us know if there’s any other way we can assist.

  3. I would like to see a review mode where everything submitted for review not just the full task lists and can be checked and approved without having to go into individual rooms. It would also be great to see on the thumbnail view which task lists are complete and which need to be completed. As it is right now I have to go into each individual room to check on the task list status which is very time consuming. Keeps getting better keep up the good work.

    • Hello Mike. We’re so glad you like the tasks component of DocuSign for real estate and appreciate your input! We will pass the info along.

    • Some additional info:

      We released our Tasks dashboard about a week ago and folks can now go to that dashboard and see a list of all of their tasks that are past due and coming due as well as those that they need to review.

      We are adding an icon in the task list name (header) that indicates if the task list has been submitted for review (blue up arrow), reviewed and approved (green check mark) or reviewed and declined (red x). This should be available in the next few weeks.

      Thanks again for the feedback!

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