Don’t know which options are available? Try our right-click menu.

The DocuSign Transaction Rooms team continually adds functionality aimed at helping real estate professionals close deals faster while making their lives easier. An ability you may not know about is our right-click menu. A simple right click on an item within Transactions Rooms will display a drop-down menu of what actions you have available to you. Our PC and Mac users can take advantage of the right-click functionality, however, it is not available in our mobile applications.  

The right-click menu is accessible wherever you see a Transaction Room, a document, or even a person. These can be found within your Dashboard, Inbox, My Docs, Network, and Transactions sections. Let’s take a look at what right-click options are available within the Transactions section.

While inside the Transactions section, you can right click on any transaction to have quick access to the details, documents, people, and envelopes tab for that particular Transaction Room.

When you are within a particular transaction’s Documents tab, you can right click to have quick access to editing, splitting, copying, emailing, faxing, and downloading that particular document. You can also right click anywhere within the gray area behind the documents to add a new document from your computer or local storage. 

Lastly, when you’re within the People tab for a particular transaction, you can right click on any of the tiles to view contact info, the person’s access permissions, and his or her activity. Just like within the Documents tab, you can click in the gray area behind the people tiles to add another person into this Transaction Room via the network or email invitation. 

Have you used the right-click menu before? If so, where do you find it helps the most? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more real estate tips!

Brent Boyens