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Tips for Real Estate: Best Practices for Inviting People to a Transaction Room

Do you invite people to participate in your DocuSign Transaction Rooms? Do the invitees actually join the Transaction Room?

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Since the infancy of DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR), inviting people to a Transaction Room has been a vital feature with a number of benefits. Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post that covers these questions, Top 5 Reasons to Invite People to a Transaction Room. That post covers the question why. This post is about the how. Here are two best practices for inviting people to a Transaction Room:

  1. Communicate what DocuSign Transaction Rooms is with invitees before adding them to the Transaction Room.

Create a standard email or give the invitee(s) a quick call to explain what DTR is and how they can utilize it. Explain that they can choose to accept or ignore the invitation and it won’t affect the way you can communicate documentation with them. Here is an example of an email that was sent from an agent to a client:

Good Afternoon Jamie,

I hope you are having a fantastic day. I wanted to give you a quick heads up that you will be receiving an email invitation to join what is called DocuSign Transaction Rooms. I utilize this program to store all of the documentation involved in your home sale. You can choose to both accept the invitation and join the Transaction Rooms for free, or choose to take no action with the invite, which won’t affect the way I can share documents with you. If you decide to create a Transaction Room account, you’ll have the ability to see all of the documents involved in your home sale today and after closing. You’ll also have the ability to download those documents to your computer or even email them to other people if need be. If you don’t accept the invitation, you’ll still receive copies of all documentation, you’ll just have to download them to your computer from an emailed link. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please give me a call.

Have a great day!

  1. Set aside 10 minutes with your client to setup his or her DTR account in person. This decreases the chance for confusion and potential frustration by your client:
    1. Log in to DTR.
    2. Set up their account information via the Settings section.
    3. Access their personal Transaction Room.
    4. Access a document and show them what document actions are available to them.
    5. Show how to add additional documents if needed.
    6. Explain and show how to sign a document via DocuSign.

Utilizing either of these best practices will increase the chances that your clients will create an account and utilize DTR.

What are your best practices for inviting people to Transaction Rooms? Share what works for you in the comment section below.

Brent Boyens

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  1. Two reasons to not invite a person to a Transaction Room:

    1. A good number of our clients are not technically inclined and could not utilize Transaction Rooms.
    2. Just because our brokerage uses Transaction Rooms internally does not mean we want to involve outside parties in Transaction Rooms.

    Transaction Rooms needs to have the functionality of adding a party to a transaction to a Room without inviting the person to be a full participant in the Room, in order to be able to document all parties to a transaction in a Room, and to be able to add those people to an Envelope. One option would be for Transaction Rooms to add parties from the Cover Sheet form from the linked Zipform transaction.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jim! We really appreciate the feedback and will work on creating other ways to add people to a Transaction Room–stay tuned!

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