For many of you, the DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR) Dashboard is something that you see multiple times each day. But do you really know what each section represents and the various options you have available to you? These five key dashboard items may help you better utilize the Transaction Rooms application and help you get to work more quickly.

5.    Recently View Transactions

At the very top of your DTR Dashboard, the last five viewed Transaction Rooms are shown. You can left click into each Transaction Room to enter the details tab or right click to enter a specific section of the Transaction Room.


4.    Envelope Activity

Beneath the Recently Viewed Transactions section is the Envelope Activity. In this section, you can view the latest activity with your eSignature envelopes. In the example below, there are several envelopes in different stages. Some are complete with a green check mark, one has been voided, one is waiting to be sent, and the middle envelope has yet to be fully set up. You can click View All next to Envelope Activity to access all of your envelope activity over the lifetime of your account.

3.    Quick Stats

Some quick transaction, document, and network statistics are displayed to the right of your Envelope Activity. These stats will update live as you add rooms, documents, and people to your Transaction Rooms. These tickers show statistics over the lifetime of your account.


2.    Document Activity

At the bottom of the DTR Dashboard is a list of your latest document activity. This section will list the last five documents that were faxed, emailed, or shared with you or another person (if you have utilized those features within the last three months). You can left click on the document to open a document preview or right click to take an action, including all of the PDF editing features. MKC-2061_image_4

1.    Usage Stats

The last item that you’ll want to keep an eye on within your DTR Dashboard is the usage stats in the upper-right corner. In this section, you can monitor how much document storage capacity you have remaining. We offer each account 100 gigabytes of storage, which is most likely more than you’ll ever need. We also list the number of monthly fax pages you’ve used so far that month. In the example below, I’ve faxed out 33 pages this month. DTR provides all users unlimited inbound faxes and 300 outbound fax pages each month. I now know that I have 267 free fax pages available for use before the next month begins. If you happen to fax more than 300 pages in a month, it’s just a surcharge of 10 cents per page afterwards.


The next time you open your DocuSign Transaction Rooms account, instead of clicking directly into the Transaction section, try scrolling through your dashboard and see how quickly you can jump into a Transaction Room, document, or envelope.

Let us know your experience in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more Tips for Real Estate.