The last year brought some extensive improvements to the integration between zipForm® and DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR), including full form editing capabilities within a Transaction Room. Recently, we added the ability for users to fill out zipForm® forms within a mobile browser. That addition motivated me to write a quick recap on the three main ways you should be utilizing our zipForm® integration today.

1. zipForm® through DocuSign Transaction Rooms on a PC.


zipForm® works best from your PC’s browser; be that Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or most other modern browsers. From the web browser, you can access full form editing within a Transaction Room. Please visit our DocuSign Transaction Rooms support page and use keyword “zipForm” for more information.

2. zipForm® through zipForm® Plus on a PC.

Another benefit of using zipForm® from a web browser is the ability to push zipForm® forms from zipForm® directly into a Transaction Room from the zipForm® Plus web application. The following steps show how easily this is accomplished:

  • Click on the dropdown arrow in the upper right of the zipForm® Transaction box you’re currently working on. 2016-01-04 15-02-23

  • Hover your mouse over Send to Other System.
  • Click Send to DocuSign Transaction Rooms.
  • Sign in to your DTR account. Click Sign In. 2016-01-04 15-03-50

  • Select which DocuSign Transaction Room matches your current zipForm® Transaction, or click Create a new DocuSign Transaction Room to create a new one. 2016-01-04 15-04-18

  • Then click Link to DocuSign Transaction Rooms. 2016-01-04 15-04-37

  • Lastly, select which forms you’d like to push to the Transaction Room and click Add Documents to Transaction Room. 2016-01-04 15-04-37

3. zipForm® through DocuSign Transaction Rooms on a smartphone or tablet’s browser.


The ability to edit zipForm® forms on a smartphone or tablet was added in December, 2015. This was a huge addition to the product’s functionality because it allowed users to edit zipForm® forms through DTR anywhere, at any time. Although you are able to edit zipForm® forms on a smartphone, my preferred mobile device for zipForm® editing is a tablet, due to the larger screen size and additional functionality. Check out this full walkthrough for more details.

Have you tried any of the three ways of utilizing the zipForm® integration with DocuSign Transaction Rooms? If so, tell us your experiences below.

Brent Boyens