By Fred Raker, Copywriter, Demand Generation 

As a procurement professional, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And if you’re still operating with paper-based processes, it’s rather obvious to even the casual observer that your plate is not only overflowing but it’s at the breaking point.

Now, that’s not just because you’re stuck with stacks and stacks of documents that need to be sorted through and archived. You’re also burdened with extensive costs incurred from non-stop printing and overnight shipping.

Then there’s the time factor. An inordinate number of precious hours are being wasted on said printing and mailing along with weeks and weeks of waiting for contracts and other agreements to be signed and returned. In short, it’s the mother of all vicious cycles.

The problem gets compounded when organizations loosen the purse strings for digital systems for everything but transactions. This engenders end-to-end processes that don’t mesh, leading to an endless supply of bottlenecks, backlogs, and big headaches.

The only way to eliminate this snafu-friendly scenario is to go fully digital. And an ideal way to fully appreciate all that you stand to gain is to check out our “Digital Procurement Guide.” This enlightening eBook shines a bright light on benefits, use cases, and success stories.

Highlights include:

  • Saving time by getting contracts signed in minutes with eSignatures
  • Reducing data entry errors by easily integrating SOWs into back-end systems
  • Processing 85% of documents in under one day (AstraZeneca)

Driving cost savings, enhancing service, and accelerating execution. That’s what Procurement is counted on to provide. To do that successfully, it needs the support that only a fully digital solution can provide. Download it now. 

Our Knowledge Market also offers a complementary resource to the eBook, the Digital Adoption Playbook: Procurement Use Cases. Want a high-level map of procurement use cases, and tips on how to prioritize them for implementation? Take a look at the playbook here.