How to Set Reminders and Expirations in DocuSign eSignature

Using DocuSign eSignature, envelope senders have the ability to send reminders and set when envelopes will expire.  Reminders are a particularly useful DocuSign feature.  I’m sure you have come across people who need to be reminded multiple times to review some paperwork or sign a document before they will actually do it.  Now, with DocuSign, that process can be automated and we will do all the reminding for you.

To set up reminders, check the box to the left of “Reminders Enabled.”

First, the sender needs to choose how many days after sending the envelope the first reminder will be sent.  This first reminder serves as the starting point for all later reminders.  Next, the sender chooses how frequently reminders will be sent following the first reminder.

The expiration date of an envelope can also be set.  It is important to have an expiration date on envelopes for a couple reasons.  The first is liability.  It is not a good idea to have a contract still out and able to be signed long after their intended use.  Another reason is an old envelope could include outdated information, such as pricing or company stats.  Finally, an expiration date creates a sense of urgency for the signer.  They will not take forever to sign it if they know it will not be around forever.

To set an expiration date, the sender enters how many days after sending the envelope it will expire.  The sender can also set how many days prior to the expiration date the signer will receive a reminder.

To demonstrate, in the example below, we have set the first reminder to be sent two days after we send the envelope and reminders will continue to be sent every three days after the first until the document is signed.  The envelope is also set to expire in 120 days with a warming to the signer five days before it will expire.

Reminders and expiration dates of envelopes are helpful automation features of DocuSign that simplify and streamline business processes.