Quick Tip - Customizing Your Signature

As a first time DocuSigner, the first thing you are asked to do is adopt a signature.  This electronic signature will be placed on a document wherever there is a signing field.  If you have not already adopted a signature, this window will prompt you to adopt one.

The signer can select a pre-made stylized signature by selecting “Change Style.”  There are many stylized signatures to choose from.

As a signer you can also draw a signature.  To do this, select “Draw” and use the cursor to draw a signature.

If you don’t like the signature you adopt, or want to create a different one at any time, it is easily done from your DocuSign account.  Signatures can be edited on both mobile devices, such as an iPad, and on a desktop computer.  First, we will show how it is done on a mobile device using DocuSign Ink.  Once you have signed in, select “create your signature.”

Signatures can be created using your finger, however, signing with a stylus creates the best results.  The first pen tool creates a thicker line when moved slowly and a thinner line when moved quickly.

The second pen tool creates a line of even thickness regardless of speed.

Different colors can also be used to make unique and colorful signatures.

To clear a signature and start over, press the eraser button to clear the signing field.

Signatures can also be uploaded by taking a picture.

Once a final signature is adopted, it will appear on your identity card.  This will also be the signature that appears on all documents you DocuSign in the future.

To edit your signature on a PC, a similar process is followed.  Find the ID card.  It may be in the lower left or in the upper right corners of the home screen.

Click “Edit” and click through until it is possible to edit the signature.  The options on a PC are similar to those on a mobile device.  Stylized, drawn, or uploaded signatures can all be adopted as your unique signature.

Now you can make your signature as unique as you are, and it’s all safe, secure, and legally binding.  Happy DocuSigning!