MIMIT Health Improves Patient Experience with Electronic Signature

Healthcare provider MIMIT Health is a multispecialty group of independent physicians, surgeons and other providers headquartered in Melrose Park, Illinois. With a patient-centric outlook and the ability to leverage technologies like electronic signature to upgrade services, the group is on a mission to provide the highest quality of care.

Paper-based processes and data silos were slowing MIMIT Health down. Patient forms were completed and stored as physical documents while data in electronic health records and other key systems was largely inaccessible to most employees. MIMIT Health needed to replace its manual, inefficient processes with a digital solution that could create interoperability and streamline the patient intake process. 

Creating a central, interoperable platform

MIMIT integrated Docusign PowerForms with Salesforce Health Cloud and Box, which are all connected to MIMIT’s electronic health record (EHR). The company also uses PowerForms to create templated versions of numerous forms including patient registration, intake, consent and discharge documents. Now, when a patient needs a specific form for certain services, employees can automatically send it, receive a signature and save it to a central repository via Box in the Salesforce Health Cloud. This switch to paperless operations decreased labor costs by 35%. 

MIMIT Health

Almost immediately, MIMIT Health saw the quality of their patient care and employee productivity improve: For example, because the company’s care coordination team, which organizes services for patients, can more easily access patient information via the centralized platform, there’s more time to prepare services, like surgeries, consultations and medications.  And because all patient forms are automated, staff members spend less time on manual paperwork and are able to service more patients, resulting in a 20% revenue increase for the company. 

MIMIT Health also used Docusign to scale services to nursing homes. Before offering services to a patient living in a nursing home, a healthcare provider has to fill out documents that credential them in that facility. MIMIT Health uses Docusign eSignature and PowerForms to digitize these credentialing forms and collect the provider’s signatures once they are filled out. In one year, the company went from servicing two nursing homes to 45 with plans to grow to 80 in the next year.

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic—and its aftermath 

With Docusign, MIMIT Health has also been able to expand and upgrade its telehealth capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. From MIMIT Health’s internal patient portal, patients can schedule a telehealth appointment, receive and sign consent forms using PowerForms. Once the patient signs those documents, they are automatically sent back and saved to Box for easy access in the future.

MIMIT Health’s telehealth capabilities have opened the door to treat patients across the world throughout this global crisis. In the future, the organization plans to continue growing these capabilities by using PowerForms in daily operations and expanding use of Docusign directly on the website as part of the referral management process. 

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