Knowledge Market: HR Playbook

If you work in HR, you likely know the plight of paper: Whether it's losing the perfect candidate to competing offers while waiting for your offer letter to go out, the tedious back-and-forth of paper onboarding documents, or simply the extra cost and time associated with mailing, faxing, and printing, traditional processes can put a damper on your workflow.

Thankfully, implementing DocuSign at your organization means everything from new hire paperwork, to contractor agreements, to PTO management and more all become seamless, cost-effective, and entirely digital.

While making a digital transformation will provide unprecedented efficiency for your HR department, you can ensure you get the very most out of our technology by referring to the Knowledge Market's complimentary HR Playbook. 

The paper presents a wide variety of internal use cases for HR, as well as a high-level map of classic HR use cases and recommendations on how to prioritize their implementation. This resource is available to any and all DocuSign users looking to capitalize on their DocuSign investment.

The HR Playbook will help you secure early wins that build momentum and awareness surrounding DocuSign, and familiarity with the technology, allowing for greater ease-of-use as you take on higher profile cases.

Want to gain access to the Knowledge Market's complimentary HR Playbook? Take a look right here. 

Did you like the the HR Playbook? Are there other topics that you’d like us to cover? If so, please leave a comment below, and we’ll try to cover them in future papers!

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